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Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #47: Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc. with Celeste Hackett - “The Difference Between Live Therapy and Recorded Therapy”

Hello Everybody

This is Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis Etc., with Celeste Hackett bringing you fun, interesting and informative information in the profession of Hypnosis.  Once again thank you for your feedback, it’s been tremendous here getting your emails, and phone calls and that sort of thing.  Ah, by the way if you’re not watching this or listening to this on www.calbanyan.com  you’ll want to go there eventually because all the resources that we list and maybe articles and websites, they’ll be listed right below this video right down there on  www.calbanyan.com.  So, Celeste what’s going on with you?

Celeste:  Well, you know, ah, things are a little bit slow here in Dallas Texas, I think that there might be a consumer confidence problem because of the mortgage crisis, and I know its hit California pretty hard too, but it’s either that or kids are back in school and so moms are just you know and families are just ah, focusing on that.  It was slow this time last year so, ah, things don’t pick up pretty soon; I might have to come up with some creative ideas here to, to get the word out about Family First Hypnosis.

 That’s the biggest thing on my mind here in Dallas Texas right now.  But ah, you know Cal; I got some really good questions for you today. 

Cal:  Well, why don’t you just give us a quick overview, in a minute or so of like, 2 or 3 of the questions you intend to ask?

Celeste:  Alright, today we are going to talk about the umm, differences between doing live therapy and recorded, quote unquote therapy.  And ah that ought to be really interesting.  And then another thing that we’re going to talk about is needle phobia there umm is among some people the opinion that needle phobia can be inherited, so we’re going to talk a little bit about that.   And then one of the things, you know I like weird stuff, and so, one of the things I want to talk about too is Feminization Hypnosis, it’s ah, all over the internet, and should, what is it, and should Hypnotist be doing it?   And I think that’s a really good start to a really good show Cal, what do you think?

Cal:  Well, pretty, I’m excited to, to hear how this starts out.  Umm, you know, before, before we get started I’d like to just make a couple of announcements, is that ok with you?

Celeste:  Yes, that’s, that’s fine.

Cal:  Alright hey everybody if I mentioned it last time ah, if you haven’t checked it out yet please go to my new podcast that’s at www.thesecretlanguageoffeelings.com and what I’m doing there is I’m talking about some stuff like why do people do such crazy stuff?  Why do drinkers drink when they want to be sober, why do smokers smoke when they want to quit smoking and that kind of thing?  And what happens is, I’ll tell you what in a nut shell, is because they feel like it.  And what I mean by that is, what’s happening is it’s not logical, there’s an emotional factor there.

And it’s not just I’m doing, I want this, I want that so I’m going to do this.  What happens is they say to themselves I want this, I want this, hmm, but I feel like smoking, or I feel like drinking and what’s happening there is they got a feeling inside them don’t like and instead of responding to it in a satisfying way they do a distracter.  So, it’ really interesting thing, we’re about, oh, 4 or 5 episodes into it.  You’re learning that, you know, anger is good, loneliness is good, sadness is good, and all these things are good when you know the Secret Language of Feelings. 

So, and ah, Celeste, you’ve read the book Secret Language of Feelings.  So, that what I’m doing here is, I’m really kind of putting it in words so people can get the basics and then, ah, ah about the whole theory of the Secret Language of Feelings and them I’m going to branch out from there. 

Celeste:  Well, I think that’s great Cal, you know umm, I saw your website, of all your websites; I just think it’s the prettiest one to look at.  And ah, teaching the Secret Language of Feelings via the website, via the umm, what do you call the little things; I guess they’re almost podcasts, where you, you talk back and forth?  Ah, they umm, they’re very thorough, they’re good, and it, it’s just great that it’s out there.  Information easily accessible to just anyone, and when any sort of therapist, be it a Counselor, or a Psychologists, or a Hypnotist, or anybody who ah, is out to help people.  Umm, you know, it’s pretty hard to understand people, but the Secret Language of Feelings takes a lot of the mystery out of why people do things and what they’re feeling and what they’re thinking  and how that’s connected, it’s definitely worth your while to learn this.

Cal:  Thanks, thanks a lot.  I got another big really big announcement, it’s probably one of the biggest announcements of the week and here it is you can’t see this Celeste, but I’m holding up a little electronic device here.  I’m probably the last person in the world to finally buy one, but now that I’ve been doing podcasting for I don’t know how long.  I actually went out and bought an IPod so I have my very own IPod and I’m having fun learning this and thankfully our daughter’s back from college and she can teach me how to use the dog gone thing.  So I’m having a lot of fun with that, do you have a Podcast Celeste, an IPod Celeste?

Celeste:  I got umm, Christopher what was it a mini Pod that I got, not an IPod.  They had like a mini IPod though and I think I got that and umm I’ve had it for awhile and I need to learn how, I need to take the time to fool around with and learn how to umm use it.  But yeah, I, I have one too, it’s time that I guess, we, you know, we start getting into this kind of technology and also I need one of my nephews to help me with it too. 

Cal:  Yeah, you know, and I’ll tell you what, one of the reasons I’m talking about my new little device here is because all of these podcast, both the Secret Language of Feelings.com podcasts and these are available on iTunes and so all of you people that’s one of the easiest ways to kind of subscribe.  Just go to iTunes ah, .com and ah look for Cal Banyan, or Celeste Hackett or umm Hypnosis and you’ll find us on there. 

And we’re going to have the video version up there probably there in a few days right now it’s just audio, only, so it’s a very exciting time and I’m having fun ah, listening to all kinds of podcasts from all kinds of different people.  It could be on anything from cooking to bicycling to, now, now they got Hypnosis thanks to us, isn’t that cool?

Celeste:  Yeah, you know just umm, just last night I was talking to a radio announcer who umm, wants to start doing interviews and she’s done all these great interviews for the radio show, ah, radio station that she works for and they, they won’t put them on the radio station for whatever reason.  And she’s very frustrated as a creative person, and podcast are just the greatest way to have a voice now, to be able to say whatever you want and to have creative control over the things that you want to talk about and the things that you want to say.  So I think they’re just wonderful tools in so many ways for people. 

Cal:  Fantastic, ok, that’s my announcements, you got any announcements?

Celeste:  Umm, actually ah, the only really thing that I have going on once again is, you know, well I guess one announcement I have is that I’ve had several people contact me about umm, ah, actually, ah, learning 5-Path from me.  I’ve run into a little ah problem with the state of Texas, we’re working on it, we’re getting the licensing, and I now have somebody who’s going to be working on that with me.

Because one of the problems with getting the licensing was, you know, I just didn’t have the time to do the paperwork.  And so just for all of those people, who, you know, still want to come to Dallas and learn 5-Path, well, we’re working on it.  And I’m hoping that we’re going to be up have our little school up and running ah, you know, early next year or at least by spring.   So keeping my fingers crossed and working on that so I guess that’s sort of an announcement.  And umm, ah, I also I got the quality award for excellent Hypnosis website.  Thank you very much Cal and that’s very cool. 

Cal:  You’re welcome, and ah, for all of you folks out there that have websites, if you believe you have a quality Hypnosis website, and the most important thing is that is represents itself in a professional way, it represents the profession in a professional way and that you’re truthful, ah, in what you say.  Then you qualify for the Hypnosis quality website award and you can just go to Hypnosis.org, O-R-G, and ah get the information on that.  Because when there’s umm someone else saying that this is a quality website like through our awards system it adds credibility to anything you’re saying on the website.  Good and you got another award too didn’t you?

Celeste:  Yes I did, and umm, I just, I don’t know how this happened Cal , but it’s   right here beside me, let me just hold it up. 

Cal:  Oh, I wish I could see it you got.  I saw, I saw a picture on umm, our hypnospace.com, on your website there, but there should have been one with you holding it, it would have been nice.

Celeste:  Yeah 5-Path leadership award and I really appreciate that Cal.  It’s been a great, what has it been, 20 months, 21 months something like that and umm, ah amazing things I’ve learned in such a short amount of time.  It’s been a university degree hanging out with you and studying all of your material. 

Cal:  Well, you know, well, it’s a leadership award and that, that means that we, we umm recognize that you’re going the extra mile ah, for example you run our ah, online Hypnosis ah classroom, where you meet with other 5-Pathers and you talk about Hypnosis and stuff like that so ah you know that’s, that kind of leadership needs to be ah rewarded.

Celeste:  Yeah, I, I guess I do a lot of posting, sometimes people say how you get the energy, and how are you doing all of those sessions and you’re, you know, blogging and posting and everything all the time. I don’t really know how, what are other people are doing, I’m just always here doing all of this.  Umm, in fact, our next study group we’re going to be studying umm parts mediation therapy so if anybody’s interested, any 5-Pathers out there who want to join the study group just contact me and ah, just ah, I’m everywhere but ah you contact me at celestehackett@yahoo.com

Cal:  Oh, oh, I’m sorry I was jamming to my iPod over here.  I had my little headphones in and stuff, I heard everything you said, I was just having some fun.  Let’s get on to the body of the program here and fire some questions if you’re done with your announcements. 

Celeste:  Ok, yes I have a question for you Cal. 

Cal:  Ok here we go. 

Celeste:  Ok, I and ah, this is from a Hypnotist, another Hypnotist who ah, I guess must, must’ve wanted to remain anonymous because I don’t have a number here either, I mean a name here, or either I forgot to write down their name.  But it goes like this; I’d like your opinion on the difference between Hypnosis recordings for client ah, clients and live therapy.  For instance live therapy has the advantage of being personalized to the individual where as recordings can be accessed more regularly and are cheaper.  And this is sort of a basic question from a, a Hypnotist. 

Cal:  This is a really big question, I’m glad you asked it at the beginning of the episode.  Alright, so we’re talking about going and seeing a live therapist verses recordings, like ah, getting a, a stop smoking CD or something like that, have I heard you right Celeste?

Celeste:  That’s absolutely right, or umm, just, you know, going to see a therapist and they put you, you know, put headphones on you and they walk out of the room, which happens at a lot of umm Hypnotist ah, clinics these days. 

Cal:  Alright, well, this is a big question, what do I think about that?  First of all umm, doing like, if you just get a CD for Hypnosis, and now all Hypnosis CD’s are not created equal, some can be of better quality certainly the Hypnotherapist or Hypnotist that creates them may have more or less experience ah, working with the issue they’re working that’s, that’s on the video, I mean on the, the CD.  And so, you know, what I’m speaking about here is real generalities. 

Umm, I personally have produced ah, ah, a series of Hypnosis CD’s, I have ah, free to quit smoking, ah, free to sleep with a snorer, and that means to be able to sleep through someone’s snoring,  umm, free to relax and, and, and like that.  And they’re useful if you can not either spend the time or spend the money being with a live Hypnotist who can really work with you, given that the Hypnotist is, is ah, well enough trained and, and experienced with the issue you want to work on. 

Umm, now so, if I, if I had a real important issue in my life and I wanted to work on it,  ah, be it like weight loss, or stop smoking, or confidence, or getting over a fear or phobia like public speaking, umm something that’s big important in my life.  And if I could get to a Hypnotherapists that was properly trained and certified that would be my first choice. 

Ah, however if I lived you know, in a some little town 300 miles from the nearest hypnotist then what the heck, give the CD a try, if it’s well done and it’s probably going to cost you somewhere between $25.00 and, and ah $89.00 depending if it’s ah one CD ah type deal or a whole program like our ah 7-Path Self Hypnosis CD set which is like 6 CD’s then that’s going to be more in the order of $89.00.  But you learn how to do self Hypnosis as well as work on a particular issue. 

So, there’s, there’s, there’s, there’s quite a bit of difference, I would prefer to work with the individual Hypnotist if I can but if I can’t then I would go for the CD’s .  Now Celeste you also asked about the headphones and the blinking glasses headphones Hypnosis, and umm, the problem with that stuff ah it’s generally works at just the level of direct suggestion Hypnosis, which is the weakest form of Hypnosis. 

There are much more powerful techniques like parts therapy and age regression and that’s just not, you can’t do that with any kind of recorded program.  Another problem is umm, I’ve had a conversation, this conversation with many people who promote headphone Hypnosis and I guess basically you go to an office and they play the CD for you rather than you playing it at, at your own office, I mean at your home. 

And that is a good Hypnotherapists does 2 things minimum that a, a CD or you know any other kind of recorded program could never do and that is test your depth of Hypnosis, to make sure you’re in Hypnosis.  And the other thing is to do convincers so that you, you or the client, if you’re the client I mean you, and if you’re just doing the CD yourself then you’re the, you’re basically the, the client or customer then you know that you are in Hypnosis. 

So, let me say this a little bit differently, so if you, when a, when a Hypnotherapist is working with a client they can do these 2 things, they can test to make sure you’re in the proper level of Hypnosis for what you want to do, like age regression requires a deeper level than direct suggestion and the Hypnotherapist or Hypnotist can do what’s called convincers so that the client knows.   Now if you just put on some headphones you, you can’t do those things. 

Ah, for example ah arm catalepsy or ah, ah amnesia by suggestion, or anesthesia or analgesia by suggestion you can’t do that in, in headphone Hypnosis, and so it’s a very weak form of Hypnosis.   So here we got these 2 things I’m talking about, we’re talking about live with a qualified Hypnotherapist, and Hypnosis compared to ah either a CD that you play at home or umm a CD or audio program you listen to in a Hypnotherapist office. 

By far a well trained ah, Hypnotherapist, or Hypnotist is, is, and is going to be able to serve you much better.  Now the other thing I heard you ask about Celeste and that is what about using audio programs, like a CD program as a reinforce?  Ah, that, that can be done very well, if it’s done properly.   Ah, if the Hypnotist gives the impression that the person must use the audio program/CD on a daily basis to get results then that certainly sends the message to the client that what the Hypnotherapist just did with him or her was not effective. 

And, and so that’s not a very good thing to do.  And one of the most appalling things I’ve ever seen is these kinds of ah phony guarantees where people will get someone in they’ll do a Hypnosis session with them and give them a CD and say you’ve got to listen to this CD everyday for 30 days and then, when, when and if it doesn’t turn out the way that they wanted, they didn’t get what they wanted out of the session, they didn’t lose the weight, or they didn’t stop smoking. 

Then the Hypnotist might say umm, you know, did you listen to the CD everyday for 30 days?  And then when they say well almost everyday, they say I’m sorry the guarantee required that you do it everyday for 30 days and guess what almost nobody is going to do everyday for 30 days, and so it’s kind of a crooked way of doing business in my opinion, good.  Celeste, ah what else is there to that question, is there anything else I might have left out?

Celeste:  No, I just really think that’s really sneaky too, that 30 day thing.  Umm one of the things that I just wanted to point out is when you go to a live Hypnotist umm, you know, it also gives you someone to be accountable to, to make sure that umm, you’re following through on the things that are your responsibility.  Umm because Hypnosis is great, and it’s amazing, and you’ll have more luck doing anything when you, when you start off ah doing Hypnosis especially in the very beginning.

Just with direct suggestion, you’re going to see things right away changing and happening, but especially in the, in the case of any of the too much behaviors like weight lose or stop smoking.  It is going to require some you doing some things, doing you know putting in some effort.  I think that if I lived in a small town somewhere far away and I just couldn’t drive in to where an umm, a well trained Hypnotist was practicing I would probably get 7-Path, ah get the 7-Path CD package. 

Because ah the Hypnotist that are well trained they’re going to get at the causal level of your problems and neutralize that and then they’re going to do direct suggestion which is you know saying all the suggestions to change and so the, when someone neutralizes the cause that’s really working with emotions and so 7-Path is really good at working with emotions.  And then you can go ahead and get a CD of any kind that you maybe wanted from any good Hypnotist or if you couldn’t get you know in to do, couldn’t get the 7-Path for what ever reason, you’ve got to find some way to neutralize those emotions.  And ah, then you’re going to have better luck with the CD, but having somebody to be accountable to just to do your 7-Path is so very powerful, even if it’s not the best Hypnotist in the world , just, even if it’s a friend or something. 

Cal:  That’s right, as a matter of fact right now umm we’re working on put together a new package for people, you know, not everybody can get to a good Hypnotherapist.   Ah, a real good package, it’s going to be the 7-Path CD program and then an extra CD on how to use 7-Path for the specific issue ah, that they want to work on.  For, like they could get the 7-Path system and then ah, get and then get, and then get the extra CD on how to use 7-Path for weight loss. 

And then once they’ve learned how to do that because they’ve learned 7-Path Self Hypnosis, then they could use 7-Path Self Hypnosis for anything they want motivation or whatever, good, ah, anything else, Celeste?

Celeste:  Well gosh Cal you know, looking at the time, I think we probably wrap, we should ah probably wrap up Hypnosis, Etc., for today so umm go ahead and say bye and I guess then I’ll say bye. 

Cal:  Alright everybody let me wrap it up with if you can go see a live Hypnotherapist, that’s the best way to go.  Here are some things I’d like you to look for when you look for a Hypnotherapist, make sure they are at minimum NGH Certified, NGH Certified Hypnotist, or NGH Certified Hypnotherapist and then of course I’m going to say if you want to get one of the very best try to find a 5-Pather they’ve had advanced training and they can also teach you 7-Path Self Hypnosis.

Alright, let’s see last couple of things, free website for Hypnotherapists to network with each other at our hypnospace.com if you want to ask a question of what’s going on here or a question you want to have covered here ah just go to www.askcal.ourhypnospace.com and of course I hope you’ll visit our websites at www.hypnosiscenter.com and www.banyanhypnosismall.com it has all the good stuff that Hypnotists want, alright Celeste wrap it up. 

Celeste:  Well that’s it for me, Celeste Hackett, with Cal Banyan and this is Hypnosis, Etc., thanks for tuning in we’ll see you next time. 

Cal:  And this is Cal Banyan signing off.

This recording is the property of Cal Banyan and Cal Banyan’s, Banyan Publishing, Incorporated.  All rights reserved, for private use only, may not be duplicated without written permission.

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