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Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #219: Pros & Cons of Conducting Hypnosis Sessions with Children

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Hypnotist Elronn Ferguson

Pros & Cons of Conducting Hypnosis Sessions with Children

Here we go again with another fun, informative and controversial hypnosis training video on

In this week’s episode of Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis Etc., Elronn and I discuss hypnosis with children. There are pro’s and con’s to working with children but if you have good training and know the laws in your area; you can make some very powerful changes.

Here are some of the topics we touch on:

  • Why should you consider working with children?

  • Who is qualified to work with kids?

  • Should parents sit in on the hypnosis sessions?

  • Is age regression and 5-PATH® appropriate when working with kids?

  • Should hypnotists report abuse?

  • And More

Hypnosis with children dvd

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Children DVD Set

This DVD set is a really great start for those who are interested in working with children. There is a video of classroom instruction, scripts and recommended reading. It is great for 5-PATHers and non-5-PATHers alike.

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2 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #219: Pros & Cons of Conducting Hypnosis Sessions with Children

  1. Steve R. April 16, 2011 at 7:01 AM

    i don’t work with children very often, but on the few times that I have, I found that the DVD you mention was absolutely essential. Without it, I would have been clueless about the differences involved in working with children. It feels great when you hear from a parent months later and they tell you how well their child is doing, and how the child still talks about some of the things that happened during the experience (imaginary animals, rocketship rides, weird but fun stuff!)

    but it can be very sad when you observe that the problem is not the child but the so-called adult parent. it is a terrible thing to observe a parent describing the problem, and they are practically dripping with contempt and disgust at the child, who’s sitting slumped in shame with their head down. makes me consider smacking the parent in the head with my clipboard when i see that. good tips from both of you about how to draw attention to the fact that the parent is the problem and is the one in need of help, with more finesse than a clipboard to the head!

  2. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH April 24, 2011 at 9:49 AM

    Steve – Sorry to be so late in responding to your comment I was on a “Vietnam Vets MC Run” all weekend.

    Thanks for leaving a comment. And, I agree, children are not the source of the problem in 99.99 percent of the cases. If we could get all the adults from the home into work with us we probably would not even have to work with the kids that come in to see us.

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