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Hypnosis, Etc. Podcast #57: Age Regression: What to do if your client goes forward in time rather than regressing?

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Age Regression: What to do if your client goes forward in time rather than regressing?

Welcome to another jammed packed episode of Hypnosis Etc. This Internet hypnosis “TV” program is published one a week.

Topics in this week’s Hypnosis Etc.:

How to use hypnosis to help a client that has trouble listening to his wife and daughter’s lip smacking. You will learn a bit how hypnosis can help. Cal talks about Affect Bridge Age Regression and the five questions you must ask your client who is regressed if you want to do the best hypnotic age regression work possible.

Hypnosis Etc. viewer question for Cal: What is it like to work with your daughter at the Banyan Hypnosis Center? Kelsey is now a professional hypnotist at our center. We talk about what it is like for Cal to supervise her. Is Cal as tough on her as he is on the other hypnosis pros at the center? We also talk about how Kelsey and Cal are working on a new book together. It is about how to go from the classroom into the profession without missing a beat!

Hypnosis Etc. viewer question for Cal: When conducting an age regression hypnosis session, what should I do if my client goes forward in time rather than regressing? Cal talks about how to deal with clients who don’t regress as you suggest them to do, and why these problems come up in a hypnosis age regression session. He even talks about the circumstance where not regressing as suggested may be a good thing, or at least, no big deal. Cal also reveals “The Talk” which he uses to motivate clients who are not following suggestions and regressing as directed.

Hypnosis terminology note: Cal uses the following hypnosis terms in this podcast.

  • “ISE” means Initial Sensitizing Event, the time when the problem started.

  • “SSE” means Subsequent Sensitizing Event, a time after the ISE that reinforces the problem.

This week’s Dumb Hypnotist Trick: Getting a Ph. D. in Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy. Cal expresses his opinion about getting unaccredited degrees in hypnosis, and how it hurts the profession. He says that these hypnosis “degrees” are not real, and that other professionals will laugh at you if you promote yourself using one of these “unreal degrees.” By the way, Cal would love to hear that there is a real degree program in the USA (meaning regionally accredited and recognized by the US Department of Education), and would be happy to help to anyone who is working to put such a program together.

Links to hypnosis resources and sites mentioned in this program (hypnosis podcast).

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2 Reader Comments to Hypnosis, Etc. Podcast #57: Age Regression: What to do if your client goes forward in time rather than regressing?

  1. Steve R. December 7, 2007 at 8:11 PM

    Ha! Love the D.H.T. (Dumb Hypnotist Trick) in this one. At least in the USA, I like to think of Ph.D.s in hypnosis as having paid for a real B.S. degree .

    This reminds me, I was watching one of the NGH seminar videos, and the presenter kept referring to themselves as “Dr.” so-and-so, and I know that they really had a DCH. I laughed every time they called themselves a “Dr.”, until eventually I had to stop watching because I just couldn’t take them seriously anymore. It was a shame, because the info they were presenting was actually pretty useful!

    Harsh opinion alert: I don’t understand why someone would think that the public is so stupid that they would be impressed by these titles. Unless that is the market that someone wants to attract.

    The thing is, when people search for hypnosis services on the web, there are often advertisements next to the search results that say things like “Earn your Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma for $200!” or “Become an Elite Certified Hypnotist With Our One-Day Course!” So anyone who trumpets their made-up credentials as a major selling point is really not doing themselves a favor, in fact they are positioning themselves as the type of person who would fall for get-rich-quick late-night-TV-infomercial no-money-down-real-estate I-Bought-This-Diploma-and-Now-I’m-My-Own-Boss work-from-home-stuffing-envelopes schemes. Not exactly the type who inspires confidence in terms of helping others achieve personal success. /End of Harsh Opinion.

  2. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, FNGH July 8, 2009 at 11:12 AM

    I agree with you completely. DHTs and PhDs in hypnosis or hypnotherapy are worthless, and bad for our profession.

    I’d love to hear someone with such a “degree” comment and make a case for getting that “credential”.


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