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Hypnosis, Etc. Podcast #56, Celeste Shares Her Hypnosis Wisdom from Seeing Clients Part 2

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Celeste Shares Her Hypnosis Wisdom from Seeing Clients Part 2

Cal continues to showcase some of Celeste’s successes within the profession and points out some of the wisdom that she has learned from seeing her hypnosis clients in her second episode back after taking a few weeks off from the Hypnosis, Etc. program.

This week’s Dumb Hypnotist Trick is “Judging the quality of your work by how practice goes with friends and relatives.” This is a dumb thing that a lot of hypnotists do. The problem is when working with people whom the hypnotist already knows and has already an established relationship, the subject may be afraid to go into hypnosis because he or she may not want to disclose any information which might alter the relationship. Additionally, friends and family know that you’re new to hypnosis, so they don’t necessarily have an expectation for success, which is not an issue when working with clients. Beware of dual relationships in the practice!

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