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Hypnosis Training Video #366: Doctors Using Hypnosis to Heal Patients as the Last Option & A Movie Written in Hypnosis Based On Past Life Regression (Transcription)

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Hello everybody. Cal Banyan here. Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis Etc. If you are watching this video anywhere except, go there now. On there we have additional text, graphics and links that make this video podcast that much more valuable to you. I have my clipboard, and I am ready to go through some really interesting things today. Now, in case you don’t know me, I’m Cal Banyan. I am the one that came up with the 5-PATH┬«, 7th Path Self-hypnosis┬«. I’m the owner/operator for the Banyan Hypnosis Center. I am a trainer for the National Guild of Hypnotists. Gosh, it’s so weird to introduce myself, I usually have my co-host do it. I want to get onto some other stuff really quick that’s interesting. I’m still a little bit excited about the fact that we did 365 podcasts, as you heard me go on about in the last podcast.

Here’s the deal. I’ve been looking at the hypnosis news lately. You can go to yahoo or Google, and set up news alerts, and then when new hypnosis topics come up, press releases, or articles, and that kind of thing, you can see what they are. Some things that came across my attention today is first, this one comes from the Oracle, University of South Florida. It talks about doctors attempt to heal through hypnosis. And they talk about the professors at the College of Medicine, when all other techniques fail, they go to hypnosis. It drives me a little crazy. I’m not a physician, but if I understand right, when choosing between technique A, B, C, or D, the doctors are supposed to do the least invasive first. If it comes down to getting a scratch, or taking a tablet, or if they have to do surgery, they should do the least likely to do harm, or have side effects, or complications.

So the doctors say in their article, that when the traditional treatments fail, that they will go to alternative techniques, like hypnosis. I know there are a lot of doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners that watch this podcast, and I say “Isn’t that a little backwards?” Isn’t hypnosis the least invasive procedure? There’s no breaking the skin, or putting chemicals into the body, no negative side effects. Let’s start off with if Hypnosis fails. In the approach that medicine has today, for hypnosis, using the invasive techniques first, then for the hardest cases, they use hypnosis for. It’s amazing they have any success at all, considering the traditional techniques have failed. So they’re putting hypnosis up against the toughest cases, the ones they cannot treat. Why not put Hypnosis first, and save the other techniques for the hardest cases? If I am missing something, please comment below. I want to know.

Look, just between me and you, when you are in the profession of Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine, there is a lot of peer pressure to use these accepted things; whatever the normal treatment is. And you are going out on a limb to do alternative techniques. If you’re in the medical profession, let’s start nudging hypnosis forward. If for no other reason than using the principles of medicine, and using the least invasive procedure first; here’s probably the challenge. When was the last time, unless it was a major surgery, did a doctor spend 20 minutes with you? This is a huge hurdle. I’ve trained many doctors in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and they typically don’t use them, because they are time consuming. The minimum amount of time you have to do transformational hypnosis work is 15-20 minutes. And when was the last time your doctor spent 15-20 minutes with you? So they just don’t have the time to do the least invasive procedure. It’s in their mind, cost effective, to say, “Here, take this pill, use this salve, or go see this surgeon.” And then the surgeon is going to charge the big bucks.

I think one of the things we need to do is move the profession of hypnosis into the same niche in medicine that Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Massage Therapy is. The Doctor does not have the time or know how to do any of these things. But it is indicated after they meet with you, and discuss your symptoms. Then they will say what is indicated, and they refer you out to that individual. I think we need to partner with medicine, and put together a program to educate the medical profession that yes, for many conditions, hypnosis is indicated, and when it is, it is the least invasive procedure. And acknowledge that they don’t have the time or the training to do it. So we need to partner with you to have a relationship, or a particular skill set, or a particular certificate that would be on par with the other therapists. It will be win/win. Doctors want to see their patients get better.

They are frustrated with certain conditions, like pain management. The patient wins, the Doctor wins, and the Hypnotist wins. If you are in the medical profession, and want to talk about this, this is a huge development. The Insurance companies will like it, because the cost of a hypnotherapist along with the efficacy is going to cost less than doing the most invasive procedures first.

Well, that was heavy stuff. If I can find it again on the web, I will link it below. This is lighter. This is from, complex pop culture site. A lot of these new actors and actresses I don’t know, I’m just going to read what I have here, and then we’re going to discuss it a bit. “Mischa Barton, to star as Jean Harlow, in a film that was written under hypnosis.” That is the headline. Alright, this isn’t a long article, but it’s kind of interesting. “Yes, you read that headline correct. Mischa Barton, former star of the OC, turned star of the movies that even the dollar bin Wal-Mart is too good for, is set to headline in upcoming film project as legendary film star Jean Harlow.” Okay, so evidently, it is a movie that is going to be based on the book “By Love Reclaimed” and according to this story, is on the A/V Club.

The film is based on “By Love Reclaimed.” Jean Harlow returns to clear her husband’s name. Now here is where it gets hypnotic. Psychiatrist Adrian Finkelstein, called a modern day intuitive, which some may call a psychic, no offense. Adrian Finkelstein, and modern day intuitive, Valerie Franich, says that the screen play was written by Finkelstein through the use of hypnotic past life regression. The idea is to go back and uncover information about Jean Harlow and the book is written on that. What do you think about a book written in hypnosis based on past life regression? It seems that if you’re not too crazy about past life regression, you would go “Well, this is a bunch of hogwash. How can someone come in and claim to do past life regression, and then besmirch other people? Based on what? Where are the facts?” If you are into this past life regression thing… I admit, that it was one of the things that has fascinated me and drew me into the profession.

Now, I am more focused on age regression, which means regression to times in this life, not a past life, but I find it intriguing. And I want to know what you think. I’ll put a link to this story down below, so you can learn about it, read about it. But I want to see your comments. What do you think about a book written about a real person when the information comes from a past life regression? Alright, I’m about to wrap it up. I’ll see you at the solid gold weekend. I’ll be doing a talk on Age Regression. And then, of course, as I announced in the last podcast, I will be doing a post convention two day workshop at the National Guild of Hypnotists convention. It will be a two day certification course in Age Regression. I hope you like the new format. Let me know what you think.

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