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Hypnosis Training Video #365: How Is the Principle of “Gold In Gold Out” Helps Transform Your Profession? (Transcription)

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Hello everybody. Cal Banyan here. Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis Etc. If you’re watching this video anywhere except, you want to go there right now because right below this video on there’s additional text, additional links, graphics, and everything like that that just makes these podcasts a little more valuable for you. All right. Hey, this here is an all-Cal episode and, hey, also we’ve got some big news. This is the 365th podcast. 365! Do you know what that means? That means that you could watch an episode a day. And why in the world would you like to do that? All right. And I was thinking about it, I was thinking back in the day when I was just getting started in the profession and new hypnotists and hypnotists that even been in a while, what happens is there’s a trillion-dollar mind control machine out there and that is all of the marketing agencies and all the different politicians and all these different things that are trying to get your attention.

There are commercials on TV, there are commercials on the radio, there’s commercials on the internet, advertisements in magazines, web pages, newspapers, and they’re all sending you these messages trying to get you to do what they want you to do. They have a name for people like you and me. They call us “consumers”. That’s really all they care about. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about your success. They care about their success. They care about you buying their product or their service and so they inundate you with marketing messages, persuasion messages everyday. So it’s no wonder that it’s hard to keep on track, to consistently, every day, do something that’s in your own interest, the interest of your business, the interest of your profession. And when you build your business and you build your profession, it makes you a happier person, it makes you a more affluent person. It also provides security for you, your family, and the people you care about. So how could you do that? Well, one of the ways that you could do that is what I have talked about before – gold in, gold out. Now, this concept is my twist on the computer science saying “garbage in, garbage out”.

Now, the idea, and I’ve mentioned this a couple of times in the past, but it’s particularly important to think about right now. When you have garbage into a computer, then that computer is not going to turn that garbage into excellent golden output. You put poor data into it, you put corrupted data into it, you put nonsensical data into the computer, and you’re going to get nonsensical or corrupted or useless data out. Well, here we are. How many times have we heard that the human mind is like a computer? Well, we’re living in an environment where there’s so much garbage that’s being put into our awareness constantly. We need to take some time so that we can be successful and get away from all that garbage that’s going into our minds and spend some time doing some self-hypnosis, spend some time reading positive books, watching positive inspirational movies, and one of the greatest things you could do is take 20 minutes or so a day and watch the podcast.

Now, our podcasts, we understand that some people prefer to read, some people prefer to listen, and some people prefer to watch. So we have all those options available. Right under this video on there’s a link to listen or download this audio and there’s also a link for the transcription, so that we make it easy for you to get some gold everyday now. For a whole year, you could listen, watch, or read a new podcast. And when you start the day that way, your mind becomes focused on what’s important. And if you’re trying to either come into the profession or you are trying to build your hypnosis practice to the next level, it’s important that you get focused every day. Do some self-hypnosis in the morning, do hypnosis when you go to sleep at night, but then listen, read, or watch one of our podcasts every day. And I’ll tell you what, if you did that and then the next year came around and then you did that again with the same podcasts, you’ve grown.

You’re going to hear, read, or listen and find something new in those podcasts. So now you have a way every single day. We put out a podcast every single week. We’ve been doing it long enough now so that every single day you can get focused, learn something new, and because you change over time, yes, maybe you’ve already watched, listened, or read all of our podcasts, but you’ve changed. When you go and you listen, watch, or read those early podcasts, those early videos, you’re going to get something different out of it. So how can you make sure that you do that? Well, one, is you could have the discipline of every single day going to, finding the first podcast, and then watch, listen, or read it. Or one of the best things you can do with the gold in, gold out idea is to have it automatically delivered to you. Now, one of the ways you could do that is you could go to iTunes. Our podcasts are listed on iTunes. You could subscribe and they could be sent to you. All the old ones will be there, and then each time a new one comes out, boom, we get a notice.

The other thing you could do is you could become a member of our fan page on Facebook –\hypnosisetc which stands for Hypnosis Etc. – and every time, every week we put out new podcasts we announce it there, plus during the week, we send hypnosis news and questionnaires and bits of information to keep the conversation going. Or the very best thing you can do in my opinion is become a VIP member. On this page usually right above here, there is, I say “usually” because we change how the website looks, the design, from time to time, but on this page, it says “Become a VIP member” and VIP members, what do you get? Well, every single week we put out a new video, we send you our newsletter and say, “Hey the new video is up. This is what it’s about.” Plus, there might be a new article and the Banyan EZine will tell you about that and that kind of stuff. But the most important thing with regard to this, every day watching, listening, or reading a new podcast, is once you become a member you will be sent a link to a very special webpage. The webpage has a list of every single podcast we’ve ever done by title and you can just start with number one, each title is a link directly to that podcast, and you could then just check them off as you go, listen to, read, or watch each podcast.

Now, so many times we say, “Ah, I wish there was a degree program,” or, “We wish there was a PhD program that was real in the world of hypnosis or some kind of post-certification that we do that would really amount to anything,” and I’ll tell you what, if you watch, read, or listen to each one of those podcasts for a whole year, you’re going to be getting the kind of ongoing education that really everywhere in this profession it lacks. OK. So that’s it. Celebrating today, this is podcast number 365. Now, for you folks that have gone all the way back to 1, watched every one, and now you’re at 365, pat yourself on the back and go back to number 1. OK.

Well, actually you could go on to the podcasts that have happened that are new since this one but then go back to number one. All right. Announcement – as you know, I’m going to be at the Solid Gold Weekend, I’ll be doing a talk on mastering age regression. I have become the National Hypnotists’ authority, so to speak, on age regression. I don’t think there’s anyone that does more age regression or teaches more age regression than I do and I really think that with 5-PATH® and the technology that myself and the other 5-PATH® hypnotherapists are doing, we’ve nudged the technology of age regression forward, and I think we’re doing the most advance forms of age regression like the Time-Tunneling Technique™ which is brand-new. OK. I’ll be talking about that at the National Guild of Hypnotists Solid Gold Weekend. I’m kinda thinking about two things at once because I’ve got another announcement that I’m thinking about I want to tell you about. OK. Solid Gold Weekend, February 15th, 16th, be there. Let’s hang out, meet the other 5-PATHers. If you’re a 5-PATHer, meet the other 5-PATHers.

It’s just going to be a good time. And then new, brand-new, just got off the phone with the President of the National Guild of Hypnotists and I’ve just learned that I’ll be doing a post-convention two-day workshop on hypnotic age-regression. Two days. Not a 50-minute talk, not a 75-minute talk, not a 90-minute talk, but two days of covering hypnotic age regression, getting all the advanced stuff, getting the scoop, and you’ll be actually doing age-regression techniques in class. So if you’re National Guild of Hypnotists certified, they acknowledge the power of age regression in that certification course, but it’s not really covered how to do it in the course. They realize there’s only so much you can get in that course and they said, “If you want to do age regression, you need to go get certified, get advanced training in age regression.” Well, this is it, the two-day certification course for age regression and I’ll be teaching 100 percent of that class, will be supervising some practice. If you don’t already know how to do inductions that take people quickly and deeply in hypnosis, because you need a deep level of hypnosis to do age regression, we’re going to be teaching that also.

All right. Good. Good. All right. I’m going to keep this short. The main thing about this is I wanted to announce that it’s 365, and when I started, I never even knew how far we would go. If someone had told me when I did my first podcast that I’d do 365 of them, I probably wouldn’t have even started because it would have sounded like a big project. But we’ve done it. Who knows, before we get done, maybe we’ll do 500. Well, that’s it. Cal Banyan. I want to you see you at the convention in August, I want to see you at Solid Gold Weekend in February, and I want to see you in my upcoming class just a few days from now, really quick.

The people who are really successful in this profession or any profession is really the action-takers, the ones who are willing to invest in themselves. And here it is, it’s about nine or ten days before the start of the class on the 27th of January. Probably, about half of our enrollments happen in this last ten days or so, so go ahead, check on the hypnotherapy training button here on this website, learn more about it. I’ll put a link below also. Make the decision. Be there. They are small classes. It’s not 30, 40, 50 people in the class. It’s a small group. You get all your questions answered. We get to interact one-on-one. It’s the way to go. All right. That’s it. Have a great year. See you in class. Cal Banyan signing off.

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