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Hypnosis Training Video #482: Changing Clients “Don’t Wants” Into Real Goals – Plus Important NGH Convention Info!

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Cal in Changing Clients Don’t Wants Into Real Goals – Plus Important NGH Convention Info! Erika in Changing Clients Don’t Wants Into Real Goals – Plus Important NGH Convention Info!

Save Your Clients from Focusing On What They Don’t Want!

Show Them How to Focus On What They Want – Goals That Work!

Why I’ve Gone to the NGH Convention Every Year for 20 Years & Why You Should Too!

Hello Hypnotists!

I am back with Erika! Two Topics This Week – Changing client’s “don’t wants” into goals, why we want to see you at the NGH Convention this year!

#1 – Changing Clients “Don’t Wants” Into Real Goals

Too many clients and too many hypnotists fail because they don’t know how to shift clients from focusing on what they don’t want and to start thinking about what success would look like. With this information we can create goals that really excite our clients and motivate them to be successful.

#2 – We Are Going to the NGH Convention – Why We Want to See You There!

NGH Convention 2016 with Cal BanyanAre you serious about the profession? Here is the deal, successful people go to professional conventions, and the NGH convention is the most important profession, period!

We are all going to present at the convention! Brenda, Celeste, Erika and I are all going to provide you with some really inspiring and informative talks, workshops and certification courses!

Attend one of Cal’s events! It is highly recommended that you contact the NGH as soon as you can. His talks and courses often fill up even before the convention.

Red Check Mark 13 Day Post Convention Age Regression Certification Course – Download the PDF

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Hypnotist Cal Banyan

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    Enroll for one of this year’s courses to save $500!
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    Enroll now if you are interested in this option!

If you are watching this video anywhere other than you want to go there now because we have many more free videos for you there.

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Let’s do GREAT things together!
Cal Banyan

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2 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video #482: Changing Clients “Don’t Wants” Into Real Goals – Plus Important NGH Convention Info!

  1. Cal August 9, 2016 at 7:00 PM

    Did anyone guess the word I could not thing of? It was “scalable” which means that it can be changed is size, usually meaning that one can make it bigger!

    🙂 Cal

  2. Brenda Titus September 6, 2016 at 4:20 PM

    Thanks for some great ways to get clients to shift their focus, Cal and Erika. I think I’ll add some of these tools to my toolbox as I’m reviewing clients benefits forms- I realize I could probe a bit deeper so that we are really clarifying their goals!

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