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Hypnosis Training Video #472: Top 7 Tragic Mistakes New Hypnotists Make (and How to Avoid Them)!

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Cal in Top 7 Tragic Mistakes New Hypnotists Make Erika in Top 7 Tragic Mistakes New Hypnotists Make

Discover How to Avoid the Top 7 Session Destroying Mistakes!

Misperceptions That Undermine Hypnosis Success Revealed

How to Avoid These 7 Serious Misconceptions & Mistakes

Hello Hypnotists!

Erika and I are back to save you from making the 7 TOP hypnosis session mistakes! In this new Hypnosis, Etc. program training video, you will find out if you are making one of these extremely dangerous (to your session success) mistakes, and discover how to avoid them!

Quick reminder before we get into the video…

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Now back to the video… The Top 7 Mistakes that are Messing Up Your Hypnosis Success!


Dumb Hypnotists’ Tricks? If you look back through our library of hypnosis training videos you will see that from time to time I would mention a “dumb hypnotist trick”. In each one of those videos, I’d mention an all-to-common mistake that hypnotists make. Here is an example of such a video from back then, Hypnosis, Etc. Podcast #59: Hypnosis for New Year’s Resolutions and This Weeks Dumb Hypnotist Trick, Believing Your Clients When They Tell You What they Think the Cause of the Problem Is.

In this video, we go farther and cover some of the most important things that, especially new hypnotists, just get wrong. Then we go on to let you know how to avoid these session-killing mistakes!

But first, a few announcements…

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AND Now Back to This Latest Hypnosis Training Video!


  1. Confusing depth testing with convincers – Destroys client confidence!
  2. Using the wrong tone of voice – Sends the wrong message to clients!
  3. Believing hypnosis requires relaxation – Is just dead wrong!
  4. Trying to determine causality without hypnosis – Is a tremendous waste of time!
  5. Believing your client’s beliefs about how it started – Takes you in the wrong direction!
  6. Making assumptions about your client – Leads to horrible mistakes!
  7. Not knowing how to properly prepare clients – Leads to failure, failure, failure!

Too many hypnotists are struggling! That is why we have created all these videos for you, and especially this one which can absolutely change how you are thinking about hypnosis and conducting your hypnosis sessions!

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See you in class,
Cal Banyan


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All of you have enrichened our lives in so many ways! Thank you! And, we aren’t stopping any time soon.


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One Reader Comment to Hypnosis Training Video #472: Top 7 Tragic Mistakes New Hypnotists Make (and How to Avoid Them)!

  1. Brenda Titus May 12, 2016 at 5:42 PM

    Thank you for talking about why we want the “thumbnail sketch” of the problem, but that we don’t need the client’s whole life story and interpretation of it…l realize I let them really talk, and it’s not necessary. I like how you explained it- so the client believes you have enough information to proceed… Because what we really need is to get in the chair!! Thanks again!

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