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Hypnosis Training Video #473: Quickly Find & Fix False Expectations for Hypnosis Success

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Cal in Quickly Find & Fix False Expectations for Hypnosis Success Erika in Quickly Find & Fix False Expectations for Hypnosis Success

Clients Can Have Unusual Expectations that Sabotage their Session

Discover These Session Destroying Expectations by You Knowing What to Do

How to Manage & Resolve Them Quickly for Session Success!

Hello Hypnotists!

Erika and I are back to give you the “inside scoop” on how to fix false negative expectations that can interfere with your client’s success! In this new video, we, of course, cover how important it is to play them the Truth About Hypnosis Pre-Talk and then we quickly and more importantly let you in on how to deal with client’s false, negative expectations that are not as common but can interfere with your session success in a big way!

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Far too often false expectations wreck hypnosis sessions! You absolutely must to be able to recognize and “manage” these false expectations to have consistent success with your clients across the board! Watch this new video and learn what some experienced hypnosis professionals never learn!


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Now back to the video… Quickly find and fix false expectations for greater hypnosis success!

MUST-manage false expectations. I can’t believe that we have not covered this important topic earlier on in this Hypnosis, Etc. program! In this video, Erika and I show you how to discover and manage each one of these false expectations, rapidly and effectively.

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AND Now Back to This Latest Hypnosis Training Video!

Here is the important list of false expectations!

  1. If your new client has seen another hypnotist your approach may be different.
  2. Your client may expect that her session and results will be exactly like their friends.
  3. Your client may have incorrect expectations from movies and stage hypnosis shows.
  4. Your client may think that she is too tired, or emotional to do hypnosis today.
  5. Your client may actually come to see you expecting failure!

Not just before the session either! Finding and handling incorrect expectations such as these can even come up during the hypnosis session! I’ll show you how to handle this challenge as well.

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See you in class,
Cal Banyan


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One Reader Comment to Hypnosis Training Video #473: Quickly Find & Fix False Expectations for Hypnosis Success

  1. Brenda Titus May 12, 2016 at 5:37 PM

    I’m so glad that you mentioned the expectations that clients bring in with them if they’ve been referred by a friend or family member who also saw me…. I had to learn this the hard way starting out that their expectations might be a bit elevated, given the success of the referring client. Now I know that I might need to spend more time with them than I might do with another client so that they’re not expecting more than I can deliver.

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