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Hypnosis Training Video #465: The Truth about Becoming a Hypnosis Professional – Part 1

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Cal in The Truth about Becoming a Hypnosis Professional – Part 1 Erika in The Truth about Becoming a Hypnosis Professional – Part 1

What Is the TRUTH about the Hypnosis Profession?

“Inside Scoop” on What It REALLY Takes To Get Started!

Get a Checklist of What You Must Know BEFORE
Selecting a School or Trainer

Hello Hypnotists!

Welcome to this new series on the truth about the career of being a hypnosis professional.

This video series is for you if you are looking at coming into the profession of hypnotism, or if you have already been certified but haven’t really started yet. You will learn some very good reasons to both enter into the profession and some reasons why maybe this profession is not right for you.

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AND Now Back to The Hypnosis Training Video!

Benefits of getting the right training and entering into the profession of hypnotism! In this Part 1 video, we give you the “inside scoop” on the truth about our profession so you can decide if you want to look into it further.

  • You can get started fast. It doesn’t take years of training!
  • Low cost to get certification and set up a hypnosis practice!
  • Quickly get started and feel the satisfaction of helping others!
  • Ability to make a professional income without years of college!
  • Be your own boss! Schedule your own hours, days & vacation time!
  • Be able to help others when everything else has failed!
  • You get to see amazing hypnotic phenomenon every day!
  • Help yourself, family and friends to be happier and more successful!
  • You become one of the most interesting people at the party!
  • The prestige of being a hypnosis professional!
  • Great career path that can include training, speaking and writing!
  • Right now public acceptance of hypnosis is at an all-time high!

What will I be? Good question! We also take a couple of minutes to clear up the confusion about the titles used in the profession such as, hypnotist, hypnotherapist, consulting hypnotist, clinical hypnotist. AND, the truth will surprise you!

checklist-to-evaluate-hypnosis-schoolHere is your Checklist to Evaluate a Hypnosis School or Trainer or Program. Make sure you can check off everything on this list before you select a hypnosis school, trainer or program. This checklist contains more than 20 hypnosis training essentials that a program must have to give you the best start in the profession of hypnotism and hypnotherapy.

What is next? Coming up very soon are Parts Two through Six with more important insider information about our profession that you probably won’t get anywhere else.

  • Things to look for in a really great school or teacher.
  • The truth about hypnosis organizations.
  • Should you have a degree to enter the profession?
  • What is it like to be a hypnosis professional?
  • What are my chances of getting hired?
  • What kind of support should be available after graduating?
  • How much does it cost to set up a practice?
  • How long should a hypnosis certification course be?
  • How do I get started, step by step?

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Cal Banyan


Thank You for 20 Years of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Success!

Banyan Hypnosis Center Celebrating 20 Years of ServiceWe are very grateful to have you all in our lives! This year marks our 20th Anniversary of being full time in this wonderful profession. During that time, my wife, Maureen and I have had the privilege to work with so many wonderful people including clients, students, graduates around the word, other hypnosis professionals and leaders in our profession.

All of you have enrichened our lives in so many ways! Thank you! And, we aren’t stopping any time soon.


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3 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video #465: The Truth about Becoming a Hypnosis Professional – Part 1

  1. Karen Westh Nielsen February 27, 2016 at 6:51 AM

    A really inspiring video, a video that must be seen by all who are interested in becoming af hypnotherapist! It is such an interesting time we are living in and I am so excited to be part in it all. The more qualified and highly skilled hypnotherapists we are, the more people we can help to break free of limiting beliefs, habits and fears.
    Thank you to you both,

  2. Brenda Titus March 1, 2016 at 4:06 PM

    Excellent episode Cal and Erika, I’m excited to see this series as it comes out and to be able to refer people to it as needed… You’re already answering so many things spinning through my head when I was deciding to enter the profession 4 years ago! Thank you!

  3. Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI March 5, 2016 at 9:28 AM

    Thank you Karen and Brenda, I’m so glad you both enjoyed it.

    This series was very fulfilling and fun to create because these are the questions I get asked by aspiring hypnotists all the time so I know it’s immediately valuable.

    And what a great time it is to be a hypnotist! We are living in such incredible times of people wanting more – more than pills and prescriptions. They want change from the inside out that lasts, and as hypnotists we get to provide that type of exciting change, based on our clients own inherent power. THAT is what makes being a hypnotist so rewarding – helping others reach their highest potential.


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