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Hypnosis Training Video #453: Leap to Your Greatest Success with this Rarely Used Secret to Mastery

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Cal in Leap to Your Greatest Hypnosis Success with this Rarely Used Secret to MasteryBrenda in What Is THE Best Career Path for Hypnosis Professionals?

What If You Could Identify Your Strengths & Fix Your Weaknesses?

What If You Could Get Great Feedback On Social Media?

Brenda & Cal Show You A Quick & Powerful Way to Do This & More!

Here is the secret to becoming a true master in our profession faster. First you must absolutely know what an excellent experience for your client looks like! AND, you must know when you are and are not providing that experience. In this video on we give you the secret to getting that kind of information fast.


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How do you know if you are highly successful with your clients and if they are having an experience they will rave about? It all comes down to doing three things in a specific way, correctly asking, receiving and utilizing client feedback. AND you must know when to ignore it.

How Effectively Utilizing Hypnosis Client Feedback Leads to Mastery

  • Quickly identify when your client is not happy and fix it quickly.
  • Quickly identify what you are doing well which makes you more confident.
  • Quickly identify where you may need to make improvements in the short term.
  • Provide you with long-term professional development goals.

#1.  Correctly Asking for Your Hypnosis Client’s Feedback Brenda actually gives them a “feedback form” that has two parts. One part elicits feedback on how well the client is doing and then the other part is about how well they thought Brenda did (or how well she is doing it they are still working together). Brenda covers how this gives hew both immediate and long term benefits.

Brenda also mentions that with today’s social media getting this feedback from the client in the right way can help her to make sure that if her clients are not completely satisfied with their hypnotherapy experience with her she can fix the situation BEFORE they post a negative comment no some social media website like

#2. Correctly Receiving Your Hypnosis Client’s Feedback Next we talk about how to best receive and respond to that feedback. I bring up the topic of how to ask clients permission to share their “glowing reviews” and feedback that you get from a happy client.

#3. Correctly Utilizing Your Hypnosis Client’s Feedback Brenda covers how to use this precious feedback as soon as possible. There is no reason to delay this leap forward to mastering your professional hypnosis work.

#4. Remembering to Sometimes Ignore Your Hypnosis Client’s Feedback! Caution! Remember that when you get feedback from a particular client it is just one client’s opinion! At best this reflects that client’s experience and that individual’s perception of what happened during their sessions. It is not necessarily something you want to take too seriously.

In this video I talk about how you should sometimes ignore feedback from a particular client and when you should not. Knowing the difference indicates when you need to change something to please an individual client, or when you need to make changes in what you generally do with clients.

So, asking for, receiving and properly utilizing client feedback is a super-fast way master what you do as a professional hypnotist. Sometimes it can be scary particularly if you get less than “glowing” feedback in the beginning. But if you have the courage to get this feedback it can be your lead to professional mastery!

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8 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video #453: Leap to Your Greatest Success with this Rarely Used Secret to Mastery

  1. Susan Mundy September 27, 2015 at 4:25 PM

    Thanks for yet another great episode Cal & Brenda.

    What an interesting topic. What really stood out for me Brenda was your comment about how other people see us. It is so true that we can never really know how others see us, unless we ask them the question. However, I feel that your comment Cal about doing a reality check on the information received is also crucial. Many people sadly take others opinions as the gospel truth and that just isn’t necessarily so. In fact, it is, as you correctly pointed out, just their perceptions at that time.

    Actually, Feedback is also really important in life itself isn’t? Whether from other people or the environment or our own internal thoughts and feelings…it’s how we come to decide what our next step will be. Again, it’s a good idea to remind ourselves of that SLOF reality check before making decisions, especially the big ones in life!

    As usual, the episode has raised some interesting points and generated even more. Thank you again for everything you do. 😊

  2. Brenda Titus September 29, 2015 at 4:45 PM

    Thank you Susan. I think that we packed a lot of ideas info this episode, definitely some things to think about. I have a “final” session tomorrow that I really needed to be reminded of these ideas so I can make sure that together we can properly assess her progress so that she can leave fully satisfied (or if not schedule more sessions so we can continue). It’s really fascinating to have this discussion with clients, often they leave realizing they’ve made more progress than they realized!!

  3. Susan September 29, 2015 at 6:49 PM

    I completely agree, Brenda.

    It certainly reflects Cal’s 5-PATH teaching, with the beginning of each session reflecting on the last one, which to me feels like common sense, but I know it is sadly not all that common. It also sort of gets back to an earlier brilliant episode where you guys talked about starting with the end in mind.

    I love asking clients “how are we going with your xyz problem?” And have the response, “oh yeah….no, that’s all good now!” Sometimes I get the feeling they might not equate it with the hypnosis work and that can be a little frustrating. In fact, that discussion is in yet another great earlier episode…

    Ahhh….full of gold in them there past episodes! 😉

  4. Erika Flint, BA, BCH, CPHI September 30, 2015 at 1:12 PM

    Thank you Cal and Brenda.

    I really appreciated this thorough review on the importance of feedback – from clients and others. What really stood out to me is how beneficial it can be to ask for client feedback specifically before the last session as you suggested Brenda, and use that to ensure your client gets what they need before the session is over. One thing I like to do is a mid-point check in somewhat informally based on their benefits – are we progressing along with the benefits they wanted when they came in?

    Thanks Cal for pointing out how to take any feedback with a grain of salt so to speak – it’s one person’s input. We have to incorporate it into the larger context of our work. Yet a careful and critical self-evaluation can lead to wonderful positive growth. Every day we work with clients offers us the opportunity to grow and excel at what we do so keeping the feedback and improve mentality as a strategy for our own success is a wonderful way to grow quickly!

    Thanks to you both for highlighting how to make the most of feedback, listening to our clients is so important 😉


  5. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH September 30, 2015 at 1:24 PM

    Thank you Erika. There is just so much to share, teach and learn. I am grateful to have this website / videos to be able to continue to educate hypnosis professional everywhere.


  6. Brenda Titus September 30, 2015 at 5:04 PM

    Thanks Erika, I agree, a regular check in and review of the client’s progress is really important, and recently I’ve had people who have had such drastic change that they are stunned to hear what they wrote on their benefits sheet- they’ve changed that much. It’s pretty funny. I was reminded this week how valuable this tool is because I had a final session that I wasn’t so sure about. But by going through her benefits with a fine tooth comb, we were able to have better understanding of her progress and I was truly able to laser point our work for our final session so she could leave fully satisfied with her experience!

  7. Kirsten Topp February 6, 2016 at 3:17 PM

    Dear Brenda and Cal
    Thank you for another inspiring podcast. I heard about a hypnotherapist, who never asked clients; how has it been going since I saw you last? because she was afraid of a negative answer. My experience and feeling is that it is a very important question, to help us find out; did the last session make any changes in the client? My experience (after I started doing 5PATH) is that the feed back you get is fertilizer to you confidence as a hypnotherapist. Because if you did actually get the person in hypnosis, something will have happened and it is so fantastic to hear about how clients are starting to feel the small changes already after the first session. Some times they haven’t realized it before you actually ask them the question and then they start thinking. eg; Oh yes well actually I was in a situation where I would normally have reacted in a specific way but now I am realizing that I reacted differently :-).
    In the beginning I was scared to ask, then I realized that the feedback boosted my confidence and if they did not get enough changes. Find out why!.
    I had a lady in for stop smoking. At the second session she told me that she had been smoking 10-15 cigarettes per day (5- 10 less than normal). I asked her if she had the urge for cigarettes she said no, she thought that it was just the habit. So in this session we put all her bad habits around smoking in a backpack and kicked it out into space before we did HART. When she came back for the third session she had smoked a few cigarettes and none the last three days. If I hadn’t asked for feedback I am sure we would have been less succesfull as a team, the client and I.

  8. Brenda Titus February 7, 2016 at 1:31 PM

    Thank you so much for your feedback and thoughts Kirsten (see how that works? AMAZING!!) I am so glad that this episode helped you, and we appreciate hearing from you!

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