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Hypnosis Training Video #422: How You Can Perform ANY Hypnotic Technique Like an Expert EVEN If You Are New to Hypnosis

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Cal in How You Can Perform ANY Hypnotic Technique Like an Expert EVEN If You Are New to HypnosisBrenda in How You Can Perform ANY Hypnotic Technique Like an Expert EVEN If You Are New to Hypnosis

How to Master ANY New Hypnotic Technique Like an Olympic Athlete

Military Trainers Do This Because Lives Depend on It

Amaze Your Classmates, Colleagues and Clients with Your Expertise

Yes, you can perform any hypnotic technique like an expert if you know the secret used by all successful athletes, actors, performers and even the military! Watch this new video and discover how using this tried and proven approach to learning can get you performing like an expert even if you are new to the profession!

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And, now back to our show… Master any hypnotic technique like a pro! That’s right, Brenda and I have a something very important to share with you in this video.

In this video you will learn:

  • Specifically how drill should be used in classes.
  • Specifically how to drill on your own after you graduate any course.
  • How to adapt the drill concept to mastering any hypnotic technique fast.

Watch it on! Are you ready to learn how to go from looking like a beginner to performing like an expert in the shortest amount of time possible? That is what this video is all about.

I came up in this profession very quickly and I often am asked how I did that. One of the reasons is because I had an unusually high degree of confidence and that confidence came from HOW I TRAINED MYSELF FOR SUCCESS.

I understood the difference between education and training. This is because I was once a trainer in the United States Air Force, and I had higher education achieving both a BS and MA in Psychology, and completed all my course work for a PhD. AND I realized that there was a difference between the two (education and training).

It is the training aspect of hypnosis courses that is usually the weak link. You need to learn information (education) and you need how to utilize that education (training). To this day, I still study how the military trains personnel. This is training that saves lives. This is a kind of training that works in building confidence, competence and the highest degree of professionalism. This is not only a key component to how and why I rose so rapidly in the profession but, it is also why my students are so successful in going from classroom to clients, and actually having success in the profession.

You will learn why other very well educated students fail after graduation, and why you can succeed.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think. Like I have mentioned before, we always want to hear your feedback, questions and topic ideas.

Let’s do GREAT things together!
Cal Banyan

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3 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video #422: How You Can Perform ANY Hypnotic Technique Like an Expert EVEN If You Are New to Hypnosis

  1. Brenda Titus February 17, 2015 at 3:51 PM

    I know it was because of all of our drilling and practice that we did that I could go out and start seeing clients right away! It gave me some confidence with the words, what to expect, and helped me fine tune my voice inflection. I’m glad we got to explore this topic!

  2. Erika Flint, BCH, CPHI February 20, 2015 at 1:49 PM

    Thank you Cal and Brenda, this is an excellent episode with valuable advice for everyone on how to perform hypnosis techniques like an expert using drilling. I did the same thing when training for sports and music – and it makes sense to do it here as well, because yes it’s much better to get as much nervousness, jitters, and mistakes out during training than when in front of a client. And I love how you note that when you know how to do this so well, that is when you can truly be there 100% for your client, instead of searching for the right words to say you’ll just be completely present. Thank you!

  3. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH February 20, 2015 at 2:04 PM

    Thanks Erika – For some reason this proven method is just not implemented in our profession the way that it should be. Today I’m sending an article off to the NGH on the same topic. We need more Hypno-Drill Sergeants!

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