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Hypnosis Training Video #417: Be a Hypno-Prepper and Maximize the Coming Year

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Cal in Be a Hypno-Prepper and Maximize the Coming YearErika in Be a Hypno-Prepper and Maximize the Coming Year

What 7 Steps to Take Right Now to Maximize the Coming Year

The One Major Marketing Trend that You Just Cannot Miss

How Lightening Your Load Can Mean a Much Better Year!

Erika is back with me for this new hypnosis training video here on! We let you in on the 7 actions you can take right now to maximize your practice in the coming year.

NEWS… Erika is now the owner/moderator of the Marketing Hypnosis group on Marketing Hypnosis! Stop on by and get in on the conversation that will help you to grow your hypnosis practice! NOTE: Erika took her practice to full time in about a year, replacing a full time income as a software engineer. So she really knows what she is talking about. We are talking about Yelp and Google Adwords right now, but, there are more business building topics to come

Quick Training Note… But, before we get into the video a reminder for those who have not yet become 5-PATH® certified; our early registration discount on my upcoming NGH Approved Banyan Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Certification Super Course is about to end! Save $200 this week on our next certification course; starts on Feb. 23rd.

And, now back to your free hypnosis training video, “Are You a Hypno-Prepper and Ready for the Coming Year?”

Some of what we cover in this hypnosis training video:

  1. Plan to take advantage of major marketing trends. How Erika makes herself do this. Can you use some age progression hypnosis to get you motivated and to get a peek into your probable future.
    Cal on MobileLook at the trends that you should be aware of. You don’t have to be a super techie that lives on the edge of technology. This is because most hypnotists just aren’t like that. Look at what is happening with online marketing, such as, Yelp, Facebook, and “going mobile”!

  2. Cal’s doing it. Erika is doing it…Go Mobile! We “spill the beans” on the kind of modern mobile design you should aspire to have for your website that can make a HUGE difference. We give some examples of hypnosis sites that use this kind of responsive designs. Plus Erika lets you see how “usable” and “friendly” your mobile website designs are. To remain relevant in the hypnosis profession you must keep up with the times.
  3. Challenge Yourself! Make sure you are not standing still. Cal says, “How can you step up?” We share how we keep stepping up and when we need to do so.
  4. Make room for change! Erika says you have to get rid of the old stuff in your office and in your hypnosis toolbox of techniques. When you get rid of stuff you are not using, you make room for new people, new ideas and greater participation.
  5. Streamline your business processes! Move toward being more digital using less paper. Update your security if you need to on your computers if you use computers in your practice for client files. Make sure you are backing up those files, and we offer some manual and automated solutions.
  6. Time Boxing? Here is a time management tool that works for Erika. She tells you how she prioritizes and sets aside time for those most important business building activities. This is how we can get to the “important” but “not urgent” business building activities.
  7. Plan on Becoming an Educator! For most hypnosis professionals, becoming certified as a hypnosis and hypnotherapy instructor or trainer really should be a part of your career plan! In this episode, we explain some of the “hidden” advantages that might surprise you. If you are looking at coming into the profession make sure that your hypnosis instructor can also provide you a pathway to becoming a trainer as well.

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3 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video #417: Be a Hypno-Prepper and Maximize the Coming Year

  1. Brenda Titus January 13, 2015 at 4:43 PM

    Wow a lot of interesting information here Cal and Erika! I’ve made a note to myself to talk to Marianne at the center about updating my website to make it more mobile friendly!

    I’m still pretty reliant on paper in my office, mostly because I’m such a visual person, so I like to flip back and forth through my session binders, etc. I’m actually updating my session checklist to add an extra sheet to each client’s file, but I think it’s going to help me a lot because I tend to use a lot of post-it’s to refresh myself and I’m thinking this will streamline my process a bit in the long run.

    I do think that “time boxing” is extremely valuable, setting aside specific times to do certain tasks…. However one of the things I’m still trying to learn is how to assess how much time I’ll need for certain tasks….. Sigh!!

    Looking forward to hearing what you have on tap for next week!!

  2. Erika Flint, BCH, CPHI January 14, 2015 at 6:07 AM

    Thanks Brenda! I’m glad you found some interesting information in the episode. And I know what you mean about wanting paper in-hand for sessions, and I still use that, but make digital versions as well. Eventually I will be able to discard the paper (shred it for example) instead of hanging onto paper files (for a long period of time).

    Great idea to streamline your process and get rid of sticky notes ! I use those too, and it would be nice to have a “top sheet” form for a client that serves the same purpose, but won’t fall off or out of their folder. I’d love to see what you come up with for that.

    TimeBoxing is definitely helpful, but you’re right. It’s hard to gauge how much time something will take. Although, if you give yourself a deadline, or time constraint, you’re likely to get more done 😉 At least that works for me!

    Thanks for your input! There are so many ways to do something, and it’s great to share what works for each of us. I appreciate your feedback on what works for you.

  3. Amina February 23, 2015 at 6:40 AM

    Thanks guys, you have inspired me to stop procrastinating and get to work on improving my website now 🙂

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