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Hypnosis Training Video #377: Get New Hypnosis Clients from Google, Fast

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Hypnotherapist Cal Banyan in Get New Hypnosis Clients from Google, FastHypnotherapist Erika Flint in Get New Hypnosis Clients from Google, Fast

How Erika Used Google to Get Her First Clients

Happy Hypno-Tuesday! Cal is back with his new co-host Erika Flint! In this episode, Erika reveals to Cal her advertising experience and how Google AdWords keeps getting her new clients!  Erika gives you step-by-step instructions on how Google AdWords works, and how it can help you bring in new hypnosis clients.

First Erika explains what exactly Google AdWords is, a paid search. Basically, when someone “Googles” a specific keyword or search term that you have selected, and your Adwords Ad has those same key words, your ad will show up in the search results.  Then potential hypnosis clients can click on your ad to get more information from your website.  And, there you go, fast traffic for your website, which can result in a fast flow of hypnotherapy clients.

Erika lets you in on how easy it is to start using Google AdWords, and the benefits of having a Google Analytics account. She explains how to find out where your traffic is coming from, and even down to what your potential hypnosis clients are typing into Google to find you.  She reveals what she is currently paying for her keywords, as well as some considerations that you may have to take into account for your particular area.

Finally, Erika provides some insights on the importance of having a presentable and professional website for your clients to see, as well as some common website mistakes that can turn away potential hypnosis clients.

Things discussed in today’s video:

  • What is Google AdWords and how does it work?
  • How Google can help you get your first hypnosis clients
  • Important key words in advertising strategies

Links to resources in this video:

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