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Hypnosis Training Video #317: How to Provide the Best Support & Motivation for Clients Losing Weight

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How to Provide the Best Support & Motivation for Clients Losing Weight

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Happy Hypno-Tuesday! I’m back with another episode of Hypnosis Etc. with the one and only Celeste Hackett on

In this episode, Celeste brings up a question from a fellow 5-PATHer who recently graduated from her class in Dallas, Texas. She has a weight-loss client whose goal is to lose 38 pounds in 5 weeks. She knows her client won’t reach her goal while conducting 5-PATH® sessions that are a week apart. Her question is, “How can I best support her further in her journey until the weight comes off?”

This is a very common question in the hypnosis profession. During this episode, I share a few suggestions to Celeste on how to help clients stay strong and motivated. I explain why and how to schedule new appointments with previous clients to help them continue to reach their goal. We describe different methods and techniques that will benefit the client such as direct suggestion work and age progression work. I recommend why the High Road Low Road Universal Hypnosis Script is an excellent technique to use for weight-loss clients.

Today’s Discussion Points:

  • How to help clients stay motivated while trying to lose weight.
  • How to let your clients know that you are still there to support them in their journey.
  • Why and how to schedule appointments with existing and previous clients.
  • What types of hypnotherapy techniques you can use for weight loss.
  • Why teaching 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® will help clients reach their goal and other issues they may struggle with.
  • More recommendations to help clients stay on track and keep the weight off.

Celeste also recommends that teaching 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® to your client can benefit them in many ways. She shares a few pointers to help clients stay on track and keep the weight off. You can check out Celeste’s articles on to maintaining weight loss here:

We have free hypnosis and hypnotherapy articles written by respected authors and trainers in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy that you can read here. In addition, check out our Hypnosis.ORG E-Zine, where we have hypnotist who post a new article every quarter about hypnosis and other techniques.

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