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Hypnosis Training Video #314: 10 Keys to Working with Resistant Hypnosis Clients, & More…

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10 Keys to Working with Resistant Hypnosis Clients, & More…

Happy Hypno-Tuesday! Meredith Locher will be making her fourth and final appearance for this series of Hypnosis Etc. training videos on Get ready to take down notes as we go down a list of valuable information to help you become a better “5-PATHer.”

In this latest episode, we start discussing how to become successful in the hypnosis profession. A couple misconceptions to becoming a successful hypnotherapist are that you need work experience or a college education. Meredith and I were talk therapists and have earned a Master’s Degree. Do not let our credentials intimidate you in becoming a professional hypnotist. We explain why it is NOT necessary to have a college degree or have any experience in psychology, counseling or social work, etc. If you get great training and you really apply yourself to using what you learned, then you should be successful.

For those who are already experienced and certified hypnotist, we have a course coming up for those who need to polish up their skills or simply want to learn new techniques. The Week of Power is a seven-day course starting on April 28 – May 4. If you would like to enroll for this course, please click here.

As we move forward in the episode, we dive into a question from a fellow “5-PATHer.” Her question is “What is it that makes some people access 5-PATH® (age regression and other insight work techniques) better than others?” We answer her question by providing 10 Keys to working with clients with low insight, so that she can get better results.

We love sharing our methods and experiences with you. If you have any thoughts, advice or want to share any experiences with us, just leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

Reminder — Please note, NGH Approved Super Course & Week of Power Dates have been moved to the following:

  • Week of Power Course Date: April 28 – May 4, 2013 For hypnotists who want to take their practice to the next level with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Certification.
  • Next Super Course Date: July 15 – 26, 2013  For those who are just coming in to the profession and want the basic and advanced techniques.  We go way beyond how to hypnotize and you get 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Certification.
  • Following Super Course Date: October 14 – 25, 2013  Once again, this course is for those who are just coming in to the profession and want the basic and advanced techniques.  We go way beyond how to hypnotize and you get 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Certification.

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Today’s Discussion Points:

  • How to become successful in this profession.
  • Why you need to pat yourself on the back and be very proud of what you are doing!
  • Who we can work with and who we should not work with, i.e. because of IQ level.
  • How to work with individuals who do not have a lot of insight.
  • How to be successful addressing the cause of the problem when secondary gain is present.
  • When to take on clients with disabilities and disorders and when to not work with them.
  • How negative transference can cause problems and how the hypnotist can deal with it.
  • Banyanism, “Hypnosis is a confidence game. If you don’t get their confidence there will be no game.”
  • Banyanism, “If something isn’t working that should be working then something before it was not done either effectively or completely.”
  • How and why working with friends or family members can cause problems that can keep you from being able to help those individuals.

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Learn Up-to-Date Advanced Techniques

  • Programming your clients for success using inductions designed to take them into deep hypnosis (somnambulism).
  • How to end internal conflict and secondary gain with Parts Mediation Therapy.
  • How to create powerful change by doing Forgiveness Therapy.
  • How to supercharge direct suggestion by using insight therapy.
  • How to use Age Progression to program your clients for success.
  • How to do Age Regression Therapy and the Informed Child Technique.

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