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Hypnosis Training Video #260: Hypnotic Age Regression, Dreams, and Beliefs.

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Hypnotic Age Regression, Dreams, and Beliefs.

We are back with another Cal and Meredith episode of Hypnosis, Etc. program for you here on! In this episode we talk about how Meredith and I became interested in hypnotic age regression. Then we go on to help you get interested in doing age regression, begin to learn more about it, and eventually begin to use this very powerful technique in your hypnosis practice.

hypnotic age regression diagram

Diagram I Use in this Podcast to Explain the Age Regression Process

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Today’s Topics:

  • Question: How would you handle an age regression process when very few Subsequent Sensitizing Events are uncovered? How would you check or reinforce the changes made in the Initial Sensitizing Event?
  • Question: Can the Initial Sensitizing Event occur in a dream? And if so, how would you handle it?
  • How doing age regression effects your clients emotions and beliefs.
  • Question: What is a Symptom Producing Event and how is it different from Subsequent Sensitizing Events?
  • Remember, psychologists and medical professionals are not uniquely qualified to do hypnosis work by virtue of any training during their education.

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