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Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #225: Time Tunneling to the SPE, Can’t Hit the Pillow and more!

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Hypnosis Trainer Cal BanyanHypnotherapist Meredith Locher

Time Tunneling to the SPE, Can’t Hit the Pillow and more!

Here we go again with another free hypnosis training video here on

That’s right, it’s another episode of Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis Etc.. This week Meredith joins me once again to answer some hypnosis and hypnotherapy questions.

Here are some of the topics we discuss and questions we answer:

  • How would you work with the SPE using the Time Tunneling Technique?

  • What do you do when “releasing the anger” doesn’t feel like it’s the right approach?

  • How would you do things differently with someone who physically can’t hit the pillow?

  • Does heart disease make hypnosis contra indicated?

Here are some past podcasts that we mentioned in this episode:

  • Time Tunneling211 212 213

  • Forgiveness of Others195-199

  • Chronic Illness and Hypnotherapy and 5-PATH®186

Here are some more links related to the show:

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I want to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day. This weekend I’ll be with the Vietnam Vets /Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club (VNV/LV MC), riding out to their Memorial Day Rally.

I hope you will visit the VNV/LV MC A Chapter, CA website and learn more about this excellent motorcycle club and veteran’s organization. By the way, if you are a Harley riding type of guy and a veteran I suggest that while you are on the site that you look at the membership requirements. This may be a club that you would be interested in joining. They are in 48 states and 7 other countries around the world. The club would appreciate your support if you get a t-shirt or other support item while you are on the site. They do a lot to support our vets so it is always a good thing when you support them.

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