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Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #202: Tips for Holiday Stress and an Age Progression Question

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Tips for Holiday Stress and an Age Progression Question

Happy Hypno-Holidays! Here we go again with another fun and very informative free hypnosis training video on

In this episode of Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis Etc, Meredith, Elronn and I give you some tips on handling the stress of the holidays.

We also answer an age progression question that we know you will find very interesting.

Here are some of our tips for the holidays:

  • Don’t create high expectations, it’s not going to be perfect. – Elronn

  • Don’t take anything personal and remember that the season isn’t about gifts. – Meredith

  • Don’t eat because of stress and think positive. – Cal

  • Don’t go to a party hungry and drink some water. – Meredith

  • It’s about the process, not the outcome. – Elronn

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Here is the advanced hypnotherapy question from this episode:

  • During age progression, what do you do when the future self doesn’t want to tell the present self how they did it?

  • You may want to watch our series on Age Progression Work. Podcasts 164-166.

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3 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #202: Tips for Holiday Stress and an Age Progression Question

  1. Adriana December 21, 2010 at 1:59 AM

    Hi Cal, Meredith and Elronn

    I love the Pod casts and carn’t wait to come to Tustin
    for your training in March.

    After listening to this Pod Cast (brilliant thank you:)
    I was thinking which future self?

    At the risk of sounding too esoteric (however Western science seems to be finding this too now) there could be infinate possible future selves. So it would appear that (like reading the Tarot) you are only communicating with the most likely future self from the present to….

    A. The future self if you didn’t, do, think or feel anything different from the present.

    Or B. (Which seems to be the case here) the future self that has the new adult infomation and it sounds like a goal too.

    What if the future self in the example was really saying

    “Well yes, I could tell you how to achieve all this,
    I could tell you exactly how to arrive at this destination.
    BUT.. perhaps that’s not a good idea because if I was to do that, you would then be wearing “goal blinkers” and miss the fork in the road up ahead which leads to what you really came here to do.
    And guess what? If you were to take the fork in the road up ahead and you would meet a different future self that right NOW you have no idea even exists”

    Would it be cheating to ask to speak to the ideal future self? 🙂
    (The one that knew what you came here to do?) Well that might depend on your belief system.
    Some people might believe they came here to do something
    and others don’t. Maybe the ones who don’t need goals.

    Or maybe you could go to a Higher Self that has an even bigger picture of all the forks in the road.
    Would they help? or tell you that’s cheating:)

    I hope you have sunshine in Tustin in March, here in the UK its freezing.(we have all gone soft after mild winters and numbing cold is a big shock to us!).
    I would love to spend my couple of free days before class thawing out my brain, so I can take in all that wonderful stuff you teach:)

    Cal, Meredith, Elronn, Maureen have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Many warm and fuzzy wishes Adriana

  2. Elronn December 22, 2010 at 10:58 AM

    Hello Adriana,

    So glad you liked the podcast. Your question reminds me of an old episode of Star Trek where Captain Kirk has to let his love interest get hit by a car in order to save the world;)

    Yes you are correct, we are dealing the the most probable future self or the future scenario that we directly suggest to see if the insight we have uncovered makes the client more functional.

    As far as your what if question, I think it’s important to recognize that we are dealing with the clients perception of reality and not any empirical, logical time continuum.

    Hopefully the client wouldn’t have the belief that it’s like a time machine in a Sci-Fi movie where telling their past self would destroy the time continuum and make it not happen…that would be a very rigid and deterministic view of time and probability and destiny… If this ever happens I would have to go the route that Cal went and let them have that perception, as the client knows best. However, my NLP side of myself says: “that sounds like a limiting belief”.

    Like I said previously though, I would be concerned that the client is a little confused about the whole thing and would need to have it explained in so many words that there is an outcome that we want, and that now is their chance to increase the likelihood of that outcome however they can. It’s my belief that the client knows that they are, in fact, just sitting in a chair and are not in the real future, and that you are trying to help them to give themselves wisdom from different aspects of themselves. Some people have crazy beliefs, and it is our job to work within those beliefs the best we can and to break up limiting beliefs the best we can if they are not congruent with the goal.

    To reiterate, if I feel that the client understands the instructions and sincerely believes that the best way to make the future happen just like that is to remain silent, then I would let them do just that.

    You have to remember that your clients are in your office because they want their goal achieved. They want relief or improvement in a significant area of their life. It’s my understanding that their motivation to get what they paid for will circumvent any thoughts that giving themselves wisdom might be “cheating”. Here’s the great thing, it is cheating, and that’s the whole point. The entire reason that people come in is to have their problem go away faster than it normally might have through trial and error on their own. So keep in mind that we can directly suggest that they speak with their higher self, future self, and multiple past selves at any time to elicit the insight that brings them closer to their desired outcome.

    But hey, some people are just strange, and you never know what insight your client will find valuable. If it makes them feel empowered, then great!

    I hope this answers your question! Really made me think;)

    Best Wishes,


  3. Adriana December 23, 2010 at 12:50 AM

    Thanks Elronn
    I am at that really nice stage where “confusion preceeds greater understanding”:)
    I will print off your answer and carry it around for a couple of days until my brain unscrambles!
    First impression is the really great point you make, that the client has already arrived at the office requesting the change.
    Its interesting how reality changes (or appears to change) depending on our perceptions and beliefs.
    Powerful stuff this creating or own universe:)
    And cheating, life reminds me of a playstaion game. We have to figure it out to get to the next level or else keep using your lives and ending up on the same level. My kids use to look up the “cheats” online but quickly learnt to only use them when really really stuck or it would spoil the fun and the game would end too quickly.
    Thanks Elronn you have given me some great stuff to think about.
    Kind wishes Adriana

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