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Hypnosis Training Podcast Video #146: “Hypnotizing” Van Gogh, a Pseudo Case History Part 4

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Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait

“Hypnotizing” Van Gogh, a Pseudo Case History Part 4

It’s another Friday so that means another free hypnosis/hypnotherapy training video on

This episode of Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis etc. is supersized. Elronn and I just had to make an extra long episode in our series entitled "Hypnotizing Van Gogh, a Pseudo Case History". I think we might be giving away too much free hypnosis training information, and we aren’t even finished with the series yet!

Since this is an extra long episode… lights, camera, action! 🙂

After an overview of the previous episodes, Elronn and I discuss:

  • We begin Phase III: Forgiveness of Others (FOO) with Van Gogh.

  • I give some details about the origin of Forgiveness of Others.

  • Why do 5-PATHers do Phase III with every client?

  • Why do painful emotions drive too much behavior?

  • What is the platter of pain?

  • And even more questions and free hypnotherapy information!

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I think that’s enough free hypnosis training videos for this week. Thank you for tuning in and please leave a comment below. We love to hear your feedback and questions.

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