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Hypnosis Training Podcast Video #143: “Hypnotizing” Van Gogh, a Pseudo Case History Part 1

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Hypnotizing Van Gogh

“Hypnotizing” Van Gogh, a Pseudo Case History Part 1

Free hypnosis training videos and Fridays just seem to go together on

Here, we are like clockwork, another Friday and we have another entertaining and informative hypnosis training video for you all. This is a special hypnosis training podcast video because today we start a new series.

This new hypnosis training series is all about what we would do if Vincent Van Gogh walked into our offices and wanted some hypnosis sessions!

As you will immediately notice, this time Elronn Ferguson will be my co-host, and just in case you are wondering, Meredith will be back with us. She is just getting some time off while Elronn helps me out. We will just have to see how it goes in the future, if you like Elronn enough we’ll have him back alternating with Meredith to give you all a bit more variety, and give them more time to run their busy hypnosis practices.

“Hypnotizing” Van Gogh, a Pseudo Case History Process In Action

Our intent for this hypnosis training program is to use this “dead celeb” to show you how we would take someone though a hypnotherapy process. As we do this, Elronn will take the lead and I’ll be adding things as we move through the process.

At this point, we expect that it will take about 6 episodes to take you all through the whole hypnosis process. As we do this, we will delve into and expose more of the 5-PATH® that we have ever done in the past in these videos. Even Elronn was surprised at how much I decided to give away during this series about how to do hypnosis and hypnotherapy. So, keep checking back, this is going to be one for the record books!

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Elronn starts off by giving a brief overview of 5-PATH® and what he plans to do with this client.

Here’s what we do in Phase I with Mr. Vincent Van Gogh. This is the “PTC” or preparation, testing and convincing phase:

  • First contact and first impressions of the client.

  • Hypnosis pre-talk discussion. And, why we don’t use the hypnosis pre-talk video with Van Gogh.

  • Pre-hypnosis interview, finding out his presenting complaint and special issues. His hypnotherapist teaches him, The Secret Language of Feelings.

  • Selecting an appropriate and effective hypnotic induction for the client. His therapist chooses the Elman-Banyan Rapid Hypnotic Induction.

  • Then covert testing is done for the deep level of hypnosis called somnambulism is done, and after that overt testing is done to convince him that he is hypnotized.

  • We discuss when the hypnotherapist should simply complete the session with direct suggestion, or move on into Phase II (hypnotic age regression) in this session.

  • A brief discussion about how we prepare the client for upcoming sessions through the use of post-hypnotic suggestion, such as one for instant re-induction of hypnosis in the next session.

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That is it for this week. Thank you all for viewing this hypnosis training podcast video. Remember to leave your comments below. We love your feedback, questions and comments.

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