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Hypnosis Training Podcast Video #129: Ten Keys to Finding Lost Items Using Hypnosis – Part 2

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Ten Keys to Finding Lost Items Using Hypnosis – Part 2

Welcome back to another episode of Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc. with Meredith Locher located on We hope you will enjoy this hypnosis and hypnotherapy training video podcast. Please tell your friends about us.

This program was recorded live as it was streamed to the members of Join our little hypnosis community. You get a free blog, a place to share your photos, videos and share your hypnotic experiences in the many special interest groups.

This is Part 2 of this free hypnosis training video series. In this hypnosis podcast, we will finish what we started and you will get the final "Keys" and learn how to help your clients to find lost articles using hypnosis.

As I said in the last episode, people frequently lose money, jewelry, guns, pictures, diaries, checkbooks, and so on. You can help them to recover these items if you know what you are doing, and in doing so, add another income stream to your practice of hypnotism.

Ten Keys to Finding Lost Items Using Hypnosis Covered Last Episode

  1. You can only recover memories, not make them know what they do not know.

  2. Let them know that trying too hard can keep it from happening. We need a relaxed state of mind.

  3. Schedule more than one session to take the pressure off the client.

  4. In some cases, a memory may not exist to recover, i.e., being knocked unconscious, drugs/alcohol, Etc.

  5. Make sure you do Phase I: preparation, testing and convincing.

    1. Pre-talk.

    2. Pre-hypnosis Interview (thumbnail sketch of the problem).

    3. See Hypnosis, Etc. Podcast #65: Free Hypnosis Training Topic "Ten Keys to Doing Direct Suggestion Hypnosis Right" Part 1

  6. Make sure you have somnambulism.

Here are the final "Ten Keys" in the process of using hypnosis to find lost items:

  1. Regress to pleasant times before you regress to find the lost item. AR is Phase II.

    1. See Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #108: Ten Keys for Successful Age Regression Work

    2. Use this as practice time.

    3. Make sure that your client can revivify these experiences.

    4. Make sure that she is experiencing sufficient detail.

  2. Now conduct a date, time regression to find the item, AR is Phase II:

    1. Age regress her to a time when she remembered having the item during the pre-hypnosis interview.

    2. Move her through that time a number of times so that the event is very real.

    3. Then continue to move her forward in time until the item has been found.

  3. What you can do if the item is not found in the session:

    1. Suggest that after the session something may trigger a memory of the object.

    2. Suggest that it may come to her at night when she is going to sleep, or in a dream, and that she must have a pen and paper by the bed ready to write down that information when it comes.

    3. Suggest that between sessions, the subconscious mind will continue to connect to where the item is, or was left, so that it can be revealed in the next session.

  4. If you need to do subsequent sessions, there may be an emotional blockage:

    1. You can use affect bridge age regression to neutralize blocking of the memory, i.e., fear, anger and guilt.

    2. If anger or guilt is blocking the emotion, you may want to move on to Phases III and IV.

    3. Resolve secondary gain issues if any, and that is Phase V.

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Next episode, Meredith will share with you all how you can use a pendulum to find lost items, as well as some other uses for this timeless tool of the hypnotist. It will be a lot of fun! Spread the word. 🙂

Please leave us a comment about our hypnosis training program and give us some suggestions about things you would like to see covered in our upcoming episodes. Let’s do great things together!

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