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Hypnosis Training Podcast Video #128: Ten Keys to Finding Lost Items Using Hypnosis – Part 1

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Ten Keys to Finding Lost Items Using Hypnosis – Part 1

Thank you all for coming back to catch another episode of Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc. with Meredith Locher located on We hope you will enjoy this hypnosis and hypnotherapy training program and tell your friends about us.

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In this free hypnosis training video, you will learn how to help your clients to find lost articles using hypnosis. People lose money, jewelry, guns, pictures, diaries, checkbooks, and so on. You can help them to recover these items if you know what you are doing.

Ten Keys to Finding Lost Items Using Hypnosis

  1. You can only recover memories, not make them know what they do not know.

  2. Let them know that trying too hard can keep it from happening. We need a relaxed state of mind.

  3. Schedule more than one session to take the pressure off the client.

  4. In some cases, a memory may not exist to recover, i.e., being knocked unconscious, drugs/alcohol, Etc.

  5. Make sure you do Phase I: preparation, testing and convincing.

    1. Pre-talk.

    2. Pre-hypnosis Interview (thumbnail sketch of the problem).

    3. See Hypnosis, Etc. Podcast #65: Free Hypnosis Training Topic "Ten Keys to Doing Direct Suggestion Hypnosis Right" Part 1

  6. Make sure you have somnambulism.

That is all we have time to cover this week. Next week, we will complete this two part series as we cover Keys 7 through 10! Check back next week. Tell your friends about this series. When you can do this, you add another income stream to your hypnosis practice!

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