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Two Hour Parts Mediation Workshop on Friday Night of the NGH Convention

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Before we know it the National Guild of Hypnotists convention will be here. I hope you will attend and say hello!

With that in mind, I want to pass along some information about two workshops I will be conducting. Below is the "official information" about my 2 hour workshop on how to use Parts Medication Work to help clients succeed when other types of hypnosis work has failed.

Both of my 1 and 2 hour workshops will be held on Friday. If you want to attend either one of these talks/workshops, contact the NGH right away. Their information is on Make sure that you let the NGH know of your intent to attend my talks, each year people find themselves unable to attend because the room is full!

Next, I’ll post information about my free 1 hour workshop on 5-PATH®.

Oh, I almost forgot! I’m also teaching a pre-convention 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teachers Certification course. 7th Path is an approach to self-hypnosis that goes far beyond all conventional forms of self-hypnosis. Learn more by clicking here.

See you at the convention!

Secondary Gain Can Stop Your Client’s Success (Their Reason for Failure): Parts Mediation Work Can Bring You Success When Everything Else Has Failed

Calvin D. Banyan holds a MA in Psychology and is an NGH Board Certified Hypnotherapist, and Instructor who has been published in the Hypno-Gram and has a regular column in the Journal of Hypnotism. He has conducted thousands of individual hypnotherapy sessions, and continues training, supervising and consulting other hypnotherapists.

In this fast paced workshop, you will learn how to help clients that get stuck, and seem hopeless. The Parts Mediation Work approach taught in this workshop integrates the process of mediation with well known Parts Work enabling you to be successful when everything else has failed!

Secondary gain occurs when a client finds herself in the situation where, if she changes what she is doing, or releases an illness or symptom, then she loses something significant. This fear of losing the significant thing (i.e., money, relationship, social standing, etc.) can cause the problem to exist even after the cause of the problem has been removed. Parts Mediation Work is the only hypnotherapeutic process designed specifically to deal with this very difficult situation.

Learn how to identify Secondary Gain, and how to remove it using Parts Mediation Work. This is an insight process that will make your clients more suggestible when secondary gain is the problem.

  • Learn how Secondary Gain is impeding success.

  • Learn how to identify Secondary Gain.

  • Learn how to conduct a Parts Mediation Work session.

  • Learn about the "segue" to make hypnotic suggestions much more powerful.

  • Learn how to seamlessly work this into a system of hypnosis.

Parts Mediation Work Outline

  1. Hypnotize, deepen and test for the proper level of hypnosis.

  2. Psychologically divide the client into two parts:

    1. The Part that wants to change

    2. The Part that wants to continue in the old way.

  3. Establish your role in the procedure with both parts of your client.

  4. Reveal the underlying needs, wants and desires of both parts.

  5. Have each part recognize that the other part was trying to help fulfill needs, wants and desires.

  6. Rename the Part that wanted to continue in the old way, so that it is consistent with the needs, wants and desires it was trying to fulfill.

  7. Brainstorm ways of fulfilling needs, wants and desires of each of the parts which do not cause problems in the way that the old unwanted behavior did.

  8. Derive a workable solution from the brainstorming work.

  9. Reality check the solution.

  10. Have the two parts which were in conflict forgive each other.

  11. Have the two parts agree to the new resolution and meld back into one person.

  12. Segue, integrating the insights gained with the direct suggestions based on the win-win solution developed.

Cal Banyan developed the Parts Mediation Work approach based on training as a mediator, and his study of Parts Therapy as taught by Charles Tebbetts and Roy Hunter. Cal Banyan owns the Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. where the Hypnotherapists use the 5-PATH® System of Hypnotherapy to help clients with a broad range of issues. Parts Mediation Work is an integral part of the 5-PATH® system but can be added as a tool to just about any other kind of hypnosis or hypnotherapy work.

Cal Banyan is co-author of the book, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basic To Advanced Techniques For The Professional. He is also the author of, The Secret Language of Feelings. He is the recipient of the following NGH awards: Certified Instructor of the Year (2002 & 2003), Educator of the Year (2003), Charles Tebbetts Award (2005). He received his FNGH in 2004 and was entered into the Order of Braid (2005). Most recently, he received the NGH Presidents Award (2008). He is also well known for his free weekly online hypnosis training videos that he publishes on

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