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Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #119: Q & A Live – Rejecting, Delaying and Referring Out Clients, and Improving Learning?

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Q & A Live – Rejecting, Delaying and Referring Out Clients, and Improving Learning?

Welcome to another downloadable hypnosis training video, episode #119 of, Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc. with Meredith Locher. Thanks for checking in on us so that we can bring you another fun and informative hypnosis training video dedicated to answering your questions about hypnosis, with live questions from you, our hypno-audience! Keep sending your questions for this hypnosis training podcast by going to the Ask Cal, group on

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Here are the questions we take on this episode:

1. When would you reject a client, or delay working with a client, or refer her out to someone else?

2. Are there times when clients like doing their problematic behavior too much for you to be willing to work with them? If so, how would you handle it?

3. Can hypnosis help you learn faster? If so, how?

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One Reader Comment to Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #119: Q & A Live – Rejecting, Delaying and Referring Out Clients, and Improving Learning?

  1. Celeste May 30, 2009 at 3:52 AM

    Hey, wait a minute! Here I am! LOL! Sorry I missed you guys live. I was bummed! I was too busy to tune in live after all, but as you can see, I’m watchin’now!

    Cal, leave your mustache alone!

    About people liking their chosen distractor, I see them being in my office as enough of a reason for giving it up. If they’ve made that much effort, it’s rare to find they aren’t really motivated. Hi Road Lo Road takes care of the rest of any conflict with most of them…and we are off and running.

    The exception? Someone else calls for them, someone else drives them, and/or someone else pays for them. I look a little closer at thier desire to overcome something if this is the case. But what I have found is even then, mostly, they have enough of what it takes.

    Love the show. You two are getting funner and cuter all the time!


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