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Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #118: Answering Your Questions Live – Working with Drugs, Alcohol, & More

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Answering Your Questions Live – Working with Drugs, Alcohol, & More

Welcome to another downloadable hypnosis training video, episode #117 of, Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc. with Meredith Locher. Again we bring you another fun and informative hypnosis training video dedicated to answering your questions about hypnosis, with live questions from you, our hypno-audience! Keep sending your questions for this hypnosis training podcast by going to the Ask Cal, group on

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Here are the questions we take on this episode:

1. When I take on an "alcoholic" client should I schedule them for more than once a week? Plus, a discussion on how many sessions are useful with clients in general, and why we should keep them to a minimum, but more than one.

2. When working with clients who are abusing alcohol or drugs, should I insist that they are abstinent when I start seeing them for sessions?

3. Do most alcohol and drug clients "wean off" or do they just stop "cold turkey"?

4. When conducting an age regression session with the affect bridge, how do I bring up the feeling to go to the cause of the problem (the ISE) when they can only identify "feeling" like they want to drink? Obviously, this is not the feeling associated with the cause of the problem.

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