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Hypnosis Training Podcast #52: Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc., with Celeste Hackett, “Managing Direct Suggestion Hypnosis Sessions & More”

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Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc., with Celeste Hackett, “Managing Direct Suggestion Hypnosis Sessions & More”

Hypnosis, tips, tricks and techniques, that is why hypnotists come to from around the world.

Today, I answer a viewer’s question, as usual. This one came from one of the members of He wanted to know how to do forgiveness therapy when his clients don’t seem to be angry at anyone.

To answer this, I need to do a quick review of the professional 5-PATH® hypnosis system. Here is a quick overview:

5-PATH® Hypnosis consists of 5 phases:

  • Phase I: You start off by preparing your client for success by doing an excellent hypnosis pre-talk, and pre-hypnosis interview. Use a rapid or instant hypnotic induction and test your client for somnambulism. Then you skillfully convince your client that he or she is in hypnosis.

  • Phase II: Next you move on to the Hypnotic Age Regression work, which enables you to find and neutralize the cause of the problem. You can then choose to do some Age Progression work as well as suggest that the change will manifest in the future.

  • Phase III: Then you guide your client through the Forgiveness of Others work, where you will help your client by neutralizing any feelings of anger, which tend to stress the client and can motivate the problem behavior.

  • Phase IV: The Forgiveness of Self work, is where you neutralize feelings of guilt that the client has regarding the problem, which also stresses the client and motivate the problem behavior. You will take most clients only through these 4 phases, unless they have secondary gain issues.

  • Phase V: If they have secondary gain issues (they gain something by continuing to have the problem) then you will proceed to doing the Parts Mediation work.

This 5-phased approach is a virtually universal approach for working with, probably, at least 90% of the kinds of issues that your clients have.

Next, Kelsey asks about building rapport, and if we can spend too much time doing this, and is there such a thing as being too friendly? I stress how important it is to not spend too much time just “visiting” with the client during the pre-hypnosis interview. You will also learn that you do not have to give out information about yourself, and I discuss other ways to build rapport in a session. Finally, you learn how to avoid playing counselor and why.

This week we come up with another Dumb Hypnotist Trick. I expect that this will be the most controversial Dumb Hypnotist Trick yet! I take on the topic of doing progressive relaxation inductions. They need to be replaced by faster inductions which are more reliable, more efficient and are designed to take the client to the specific level of hypnosis needed for the work you intend to do in the session.

Here are some instant and rapid induction resources.

SPECIAL NOTE: Given that I decided to take on progressive relaxation inductions this week, I decided to put our Instant and Rapid Inductions for the Professional distance learning course on DVD on special this week.

Kelsey and I hope you enjoy this Hypnosis, Etc. program and the links to hypnosis resources.

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