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My 9-Step Weight Loss Program: Step #4

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Who says weight loss needs to be boring!? So far I am having a great time, and I’ve lost 10 pounds already.

Today I am going to expand a bit on what I have written already about my 9-Step Weight Loss Plan including hypnosis. Here is what I have written about Step #4 so far…

Step #4: Exercising Every Day – Exercising every day will be an important part of my healthy weight loss plan. But because I could overdo it, or do too little to get the kind of results that I want, I will vary my exercise program, with some days having light exercise and other days having more vigorous exercise. I will be walking, riding my recumbent trike and my new TRIKKE (a really weird but fun contraption).

From what I have read and from my experience, I have learned that exercise alone is a poor way to lose weight (unless you are a teenager or 20-something with boundless energy and lots of time on your hands). However, it is a very important part of any weight loss plan for those who are able to exercise. An active lifestyle that includes moderate intensity exercise can improve weight loss about 40%! So that is what I am going to do.

Some things that I wanted to keep in mind are that I want my exercise time to be something that I look forward to. That is why I am planning the following…

(Click the button in the center to start the video)

First, as you watch the video that goes with this blog entry you will see that I am very excited about my new TRIKKE, model T8. I have already put in a few miles on it, going for some rides over an hour long. It is fun, low impact and portable (i.e. it folds and fits into the trunk of my car). Check it out and if you want to learn more about it, or even get one of your own, go to the link on this site.

Another fun way for me to exercise is my recumbent trike which I showed you in a previous blog entry (Step #2). It is also a fun way to exercise. You can travel a lot of ground pretty quickly and it kind of looks like a dragster! I’m thinking of doing a “Century” (a one hundred mile bike ride) on it later this year! I’ll let you know more about that as the date approaches.

And finally, I am going to do some walking. Walking will be one of the things that I do on my less active days. To keep it fun and interesting, I am planning on listening to music and other audio programs on my Pocket PC Phone.

Well that is it for this entry. I hope you enjoyed the video. Sorry about the vertical line running up and down through some of the video. It is being caused by the glare of the sun off the metal of the bike where the handlebars connect with the rest of the trike.

I hope you will continue to post your comments and leave suggestions! I am really enjoying your input and actually it is really helpful. 🙂

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