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Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #15: Hypnosis and Pain Management Using 5-PATH®

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Hypnosis and Pain Management Using 5-PATH®

As I mentioned in my previous podcast, I’m always looking for good topics that would be interesting and useful for the working hypnotist or hypnotherapist. And now for these next few podcasts I am going to pull questions from our hypnotherapy discussion groups on Yahoo!

Basically what I am doing is looking through those groups and finding intersting questions that I’d like to answer, but rather than writing a long email to the group to answer it, I will just answer those questions in these podcasts.

I am using those questions as an example to teach from on that topic. In this podcast there is a specific question about working with pain using 5-PATH® with a particular client. I will read the question, then discuss generally how to conduct pain management sessions, and then apply that information to the topic.

Here we go!

Question: I am working with a client for pain doing 5-PATH® and the AR work has helped him to bring his pain down from a 7 to a 2 on a SUDS scale of 0 to 10. He is very happy so far. But he has found that stress at work and with his family causes the pain to increase. We also did FOO on his father and since then he said that the relief was even greater. While visiting his mother she “guilted” him into staying longer than he wanted to, and it caused his pain to increase. So we did some FOO work with her as well. It was interesting that when doing FOO with Dad he was able to really express how he felt and released a lot of anger, but was unwilling to express his anger in the FOO session for his Mother. He managed to express the feelings anyway and he did an excellent job of it, but after the session was over he has experienced an increase in pain. I asked him how he felt about that forgiveness session and he said that he felt bad in treating his mother that way, but denied feeling guilt about it. I suggested that it may be guilt and that the next session will neutralize those feelings of guilt and any other feelings of anger that he may have. I’m wondering if I should handle FOS in the usual way? Does he need to do FOO with me?

General considerations when working with pain:

  1. Pain always has an emotional and a cognitive component, so the best work is done when both standard hypnosis for pain management treatments are used along with 5-PATH®. Remember, whatever stress makes worse, properly done advanced hypnotherapy techniques such as 5-PATH® can make better.
  2. Standard hypnotherapeutic pain management techniques include: visualization, disassociation and analgesia/anesthesia. See Ron Eslinger’s HypnoAnesthesia Course.
  3. 5-PATH® will either eliminate the cause of the pain, when a physical cause does not exist, or reduce the amount of pain by removing any emotional or cognitive components to the pain, including secondary gain issues.
  4. Always get a medical referral when working with pain.
  5. Answering the question.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and I want to encourage you to leave comments about this program and/or suggestions for an upcoming edition in this series.

For more information about hypnosis training, please visit our other websites. I also hope that you are considering joining one of our hypnosis email groups on Yahoo, so that you can join in on the ongoing discussions.

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