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Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #14: Hypnosis and Sports Improvement

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Hypnosis and Sports Improvement

I’m always looking for good topics that would be interesting and useful for the working hypnotist or hypnotherapist. So, for these next few podcasts I am going to pull questions from our hypnotherapy discussion groups on Yahoo! Basically what I am going to do is look through those groups and find interesting questions that I’d like to answer, but rather than writing a long email to the group to answer it, I will just answer those questions in a podcast.

Many of those emails with questions of “what should I do next” are pretty long, so in each case I’ll do my best to reduce it all down to about a paragraph like I have below. Then I’ll use that question as a “springboard” to teach on that topic. Take this podcast as an example, the question is about a particular client who is having difficulty doing a cheerleading move called a backflip. I will read the question, then discuss generally how to conduct sports improvement sessions, and then apply that information to the topic.

I hope you will find this series useful. Topics to come are hypnosis for pain management, OCD and bad habits.

Question: My client, a cheerleader who was good at doing backflips had a bad landing and is now unwilling to do them unless someone spots her. What should I do with here? Last session I did DS, AR to SPE and taught self-hypnosis for visualizing success. Since that session she has still not done the back flip. Next session I am going to do 5-PATH®, any suggestions?

Main Points for Sports Improvement:

  1. Their performance in a sport is a microcosm of their macrocosm. And whatever stress makes worse, proper hypnotherapy can make better.
  2. There is always an emotional component and a cognitive component – This is where 5-PATH® comes in.
  3. Use 5-PATH® to clear emotional and cognitive problems.
  4. Do extra age PROgression work.
  5. Teach them to monitor their self-talk.
  6. Always teach self-hypnosis, i.e., 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®.
  7. Answer the email question.

Here are some links for mentioned in the podcast:

There it is! I hope that you are also considering joining one of our email groups on Yahoo, so that you can join in on the ongoing discussions. And also visit our other websites for learn more about hypnosis training in your area, through the Internet, or by way of DVD series.

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