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Hypnosis Training Video #486: Benefits of the Hypnotist Going into Trance in Sessions & How to Do It!

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Cal in Benefits of the Hypnotist Going into Trance in Sessions & How to Do It Brenda in Benefits of the Hypnotist Going into Trance in Sessions & How to Do It

You Are A Better Hypnosis Professional If You Are Relaxed In Your Sessions

Discover How to be Relaxed and Focused During Your Sessions

Surprising Way to Enter into a Trancelike State In Your Sessions

Hello Hypnotists!

YES, YOU CAN BE MORE FOCUSED IN A TRANCELIKE STATE IN YOUR SESSIONS! In this new hypnosis training video, we let you in on the benefits of getting into a trancelike state while you are in session and what you must do to make that state work for you and your clients.

QUICK NOTE BEFORE WE GET STARTED, if you are reading and watching this video anywhere besides, I recommend you go there now so you can get everything, including hundreds of free hypnosis training videos! (Some other sites have been known to use our content, that is why I’m mentioning it here.)


But FIRST – Congratulations are in order! Brenda announces that Cal received two awards during the NGH convention. YES, the NGH convention was a fabulous 5-PATH® success! It is becoming obvious that 5-PATH® is a movement in the profession! Thanks also to 5-PATHers everywhere for recognizing me with the Delta Award Recognizing “20 Years of Excellence”. See the two images on the left.

Then later at the NGH awards banquet, I was honored to receive Ormond McGill Award Best of the Best Speakers at the NGH Convention (Chair). The image on the right is that of Dr. Dwight Damon President of the NGH presenting me with the chair. I am grateful for this recognition!

Cal with Erika Receiving the Delta Award
Cal Being Presented with the “Delta Award”
20th Year Delta Award
Delta 20th Year Award
Cal with Dr. Dwight Damon receiving the Ormond McGill Award
Cal Receiving the Ormond McGill Chair


Benefits of the Hypnotist Going Into TranceBack to our topic – Benefits of the Hypnotist Going Into Trance In Sessions & How to Do It!

This video is all about letting yourself go into a relaxed trancelike state when you conduct your hypnosis sessions. We say “trancelike” but we don’t mean hypnosis, because hypnosis is not trance, hypnosis is a heightened state of suggestibility. Trance is simply focused attention.

Benefits of relaxing with your clients in each session:

  • ✔    You feel less anxious
  • ✔    You feel more calm and confident
  • ✔    Tou focus better on the hypnosis process
  • ✔    You can be with your client and not the outline or script

How to relax in your sessions: Drills lead to success and success leads to competence and that leads to mastery. One of the mistakes that new hypnotists make is that they don’t understand how to drill properly for success. Great hypnosis training must include drill, which means going through processes (inductions, etc.) over and over again as part of your training (supervised in class).

Real confidence comes from success. When you have drilled enough, like an athlete drills, or an actor rehearses her part, then you can relax in your sessions and “be with your client” instead of the script or outline. When you do this, you will naturally be more successful.

Consistency for Ongoing Success: Once you have drilled for success, continue to reinforce that skill-set by continuing to use the inductions, deepeners and other techniques that you learned in class. Don’t try to master ten different inductions or deepening techniques in class. Master two or three, and use them over and over again, then add maybe one more over the next six months or year. This consistency is a big part of continuing to build competency that allows yourself to relax and be with your client.


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Cal Banyan

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3 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video #486: Benefits of the Hypnotist Going into Trance in Sessions & How to Do It!

  1. Brenda Titus October 4, 2016 at 1:47 PM

    Of course one of my favorite parts of this episode is the memories of the convention, but I still think that we covered some very important information that I know I need to remember every day! Enjoy everyone!

  2. Cal October 5, 2016 at 5:50 PM

    Hi Everyone, I just want to put a quick note here about my video quality. Yes we know that for some reason the video of me looks a little bit orange. We think that a setting on the video camera was changed by accident. Since we record 4 videos at a time, I expect that this and the next three will have this orange tinge. We will probably have this fixed by the time we record again. Cal

  3. Donna Bloom October 6, 2016 at 12:55 PM

    Great podcast. Love the reminder to be focused and relaxed during client sessions. My best sessions are when I trust my instincts and the 5-Path process. The drilling and repetition during my training with Cal has served me well.

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