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Hypnosis Training Video #487: Knowing Your Limits & Breaking Through Them

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Cal in Knowing Your Limits & Breaking Through Them Brenda in Knowing Your Limits & Breaking Through Them

Are There Issues That You Will Not Work With?

If So, What Will You Do If They Come Up Unexpectedly In Session?

Breaking Through Comfort Zones! Yours and Your Clients!

Hello Hypnotists!

ARE YOU LIMITING YOURSELF? YOUR PRACTICE? THE PROGRESS OF YOUR CLIENTS?! Do you have limits? Are there issues you won’t work with? Is that because of your beliefs? Your faith? Your comfort zone? Or the limitations of your hypnosis training? In this video, we will reveal professional ways to do the “right thing” in most situations like these.


Quick Notice From Cal BanyanA QUICK NOTE BEFORE WE GET STARTED, if you are reading and watching this video anywhere besides, go there now so you can get hundreds of free hypnosis training videos, and more! (Some other sites have been known to use our content, that is why I’m mentioning it here.)

Okay – Back to our topic – Be brave, be strong, get out of your comfort zone and grow. Brenda and I discuss and let you in on ways to handle things that come up during sessions that you are not comfortable in handling. There are some boundaries that hypnotists should recognize. For example, you need to honor your faith or religion, and that is that. But, if you are limiting the work you are doing because you are simply not comfortable with certain topics such as sexual issues, anger issues, and so on, you need to either work on yourself (see a good hypnotist, or learn self-hypnosis) or get more training if your discomfort is coming from a sense of lack of training.

Success often depends on stepping out of your comfort zone. The is true for both the hypnotist and your clients! Each session is an opportunity for both the hypnotist and the client to grow. Watch this video and we will give you the “Inside Scoop”!


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