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Hypnosis Training Video #399: Don’t “Prepare” Your Client with TMI! …And, How to Turn Client Embarrassment into Greater Hypnotherapy Success!

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Cal Banyan in Don’t “Prepare” Your Client  with TMI!  …And, How to Turn Client Embarrassment into Greater Hypnotherapy Success!Brenda Titus in Don’t “Prepare” Your Client  with TMI!  …And, How to Turn Client Embarrassment into Greater Hypnotherapy Success!

Don’t Let TMI (Too Much Information) Sabotage Your Sessions!

How to Overcome Client Embarrassment Due to Self-Disclosure

How “Normalizing” Past Events Brings Provides a Sigh of Relief & Greater Success!

This episode if Hypnosis, Etc. is dedicated to answering some really great hypnotherapy questions that were sent into us.  I really appreciate you all sending in questions like these because as we answer them, we give you some really practical “nuggets” that you can benefit from right away. To leave a question for us, just post it in the Comments area below!

Okay, now click the play button and we will get started… Oops, one last thing, if you want to help others to benefit from this and all the other videos we have published so far, please use the like and share buttons on this page.  It really helps, and now… On with the show!

Questions and Some Mighty Fine Answers: 

When I prepare my clients for sessions should I give them an overview of what I am planning to do with them in the session?

No, no, no!  Unless you are planning on restricting your practice of hypnosis to giving your clients warm and fuzzy suggestions in the session, don’t tell them about the techniques you are planning on using in the session.  Watch this video, I’ll let you in on a secret or two and you will discover why we keep that information to ourselves!

What should I do if my client emerges herself from hypnosis because she just revealed something embarrassing?  Should I help her to be less embarrassed before proceeding?  If so, what is the best way?

Brenda and I let you in on how you can take a situation like this and turn it around completely so that it works for the benefit of the client.  This works so well, you and your client might even be glad that she emerged feeling embarrassed!  Then we show you how to both eliminate the embarrassment and help your client to feel so good about letting that information out, that your client will probably be even more likely to be more forthcoming in her sessions. This wilingness to self-disclose is essential to nearly all advanced hypnotherapeutic techniques such as age regression and parts work.

Brenda and I hope you liked this video, and we would love to see you in class.  Brenda is an Assistant Trainer for students taking our live courses.  She coaches students during practice time and also does some coaching in class.  Check out our upcoming classes below.

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2 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video #399: Don’t “Prepare” Your Client with TMI! …And, How to Turn Client Embarrassment into Greater Hypnotherapy Success!

  1. Brenda Titus September 9, 2014 at 10:56 AM

    I definitely needed this reminder about over preparing my clients, so I hope our discussion will be enlightening to our viewers as well. Enjoy everyone!

  2. Susan Mundy July 19, 2015 at 6:20 AM

    I’m with you Brenda on reminding myself not to over prepare my clients before sessions. Thanks for the great question Tony & thanks for the great answer Cal.

    Really such a good help. Especially for those clients who are very analytical & want to know everything!

    As usual, Thanks for everything you do.


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