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Banyan Hypnosis Center Graduates of 2014

Some photos on this page do not contain all of the students from each class.
All photos taken at our office or school unless noted otherwise
All feedback from students is used with their written permission.

7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Ultimate Recognitions of the 5th Degree Teachers

Graduates of our 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Ultimate Recognitions of the 5th Degree Teachers 2014

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November 2014
Tustin, CA Held in Tustin, CA
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“The Ultimates 1-5 was quantum leaps from the original Recognitions. Not only was this investment the best investment I could do for me professionally, it has also enhanced my skills to professionally help others.

I addition to the above, I experienced major shifts in my life in these 2 days that I’ve spent a life time (at least 40 years) going to many doctors, therapists, etc. without long term success. I’m looking forward for the next 5 months to continue working the first five Ultimates and shifting more. Without setting expectations, I can only imagine what 5 months will be like.

Next steps after our 5 months is taking the Ultimate level.”
Marcella Hilferty, BS, MBA, CH, Easton, PA

“This course delivered way beyond what was expected. When I first took the course in learning the 7th Path system, I was very excited as I come from a very spiritual, metaphysical background and am always looking for ways to come closer to my higher power. This course blew my mind, not only in personal transformations and insights from my core – a true understanding that love is eternal and that connecting to my higher power is simple and I was overcomplicating things. The joy, euphoria and feelings I experienced were like none I remember – far deeper and longer lasting than with other spiritual activities and events I have been through. There is an overwhelming sense of gratitude and desire to further this teaching in my hypnosis practice and beyond. I can’t wait to take the Ultimate 9th Degree course!!” Kelly Cohee, MS, CH, Trabuco Canyon, CA

“Cal as always is amazing. So very thankful and grateful I was given this opportunity to progress down this path. Since attending this “Ultimates” class, I am more certain in the difference in how I feel and where I am on the path of life. For those of you who are 7th Pathers, this IS the next step in your evolution, more amazing than the first 9 Recognitions. It’s a flow of energy you can physically feel, with each Ultimate, so much more. It is the life path, that is spiritually uplifting. I am in anticipation, looking forward to more sensations, emotions and directions resulting from my “Ultimates” practice & experience. Can’t wait for Ultimates 6 through 9!” David Monahan, CH, Hawaii

NGH Approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Course with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

Graduates of our NGH Approved Hypnotherapy Certification October 2014

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October 2014
Tustin, CA Held in Marlborough, MA
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“I researched long and hard to find the best trainer in the world of hypnosis and advanced hypnosis, Cal was the one I kept coming back to again and again. What I got from the training was way beyond what I expected from the beginning. 7th Path was the biggest pleasant surprise. I have more than enough to bring back and turbo-charge my practice.” John Phillips, Salt Lake City, UT

“I love, love, love Cal and his certified hypnosis training course. I came with absolutely no experience in hypnosis and only the knowledge of Cal’s podcasts (Secret Language of Feelings) and videos and am blown away by the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in these 10 days. I came a hypno seeker and I’m leaving a Hypno Professional. I can’t thank Cal enough for the confidence I’ve gained and the skills I now have to actually change lives. I know I’m now on my True Path!” Venice Brown, Atlanta, GA

“I chose this course to become a Certified Hypnotherapist from Cal Banyan and I got so much more than I could have imagined. I received a life changing experience I wasn’t expecting. Love the course, love the staff and the facility. They under promise and over deliver! Thank you!” Wendy Knight, Tustin, CA

“I have learned more in the last 2 weeks about the human subconscious and how it drives daily behaviors than I have over the last 10 years. Hypnosis allows for REAL change. Cal has a proven system that produces real results. Cal also has a great support system in place for recent graduates. Thank you, Cal!” Craig Peate, Lincoln, NE

“This course exceeded my expectations in so many ways! The training and support I received were second to none! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about becoming a professional hypnotist. n fact, it is the ONLY program that I would ever recommend.” Amy Baumbach, Fairport, NY

“This course was taught in a very professional manner. I learned that the 5-PATH and 7th Path programs are extremely powerful. I am proud to be a graduate of the Banyan Hypnosis Super Certification program. There is no doubt in my mind that the Instructor – Cal Banyan, is an outstanding instructor, second to none. He is highly skilled in the subject, extremely professional and dedicated. His staff are also very professional, outstanding and very dedicated.” Mike G. Trevino, Houston, TX

“This course is the most powerful course for transformation. It’s logical, combining science with inner power. It’s the secret for a healthy, successful, peaceful life that everyone wishes for. Knowing the key of all our problems in life is by communicating with our subconscious mind and makes peace with the conscious mind, then you can feel and manifest it in your life through your unconscious mind. It’s amazing!” Nefa Aljebrin, London, Ontario, Canada

“I loved it. I absorbed an incredible amount of information.” Valentina Vujosevic, Toronto, Canada

“Great course!” Edouard Charié, Paris, France

“Going through it the second time was awesome! It is like watching a movie for the second time. I picked up everything I missed the first time, as there is so much information to absorb. Cal really wants his students to succeed, and it shows in his style of teaching.” Carolyn Willis, Huntington Beach, CA.

“I found this course really informative; I learned more about emotions, human beings and myself in these two weeks than I did in 6 years of University. Thank you very much for giving Off-site students like myself, the opportunity to become a part of all of this and become a 5-PATHer.” Sydia Vanjo, Psychologist, Guatemala - "Attended Course Live Online"

“I started this course, looking to become a Hypnotist and by the end of the course, I was amazed at everything I got out of the class besides knowledge. I also received personal growth and a tremendous amount of fun listening to Cal, Maureen, Brenda and Kelly. Thank you all.” Scot Fensterle, Vernon Hills, IL. - "Attended Course Live Online"

“This course was very intense. Loved it, and enjoyed every minute!” Byron Ross, Elkton, MD - "Attended Course Live Online"

Age Regression Certification Course NGH 2014

Graduates of our Age Regression Certification Course NGH August 2014

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August 2014
Tustin, CA Held in Marlborough, MA
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“I learned so much – so much that I realized I was missing too much in my practice prior! For me it wasn’t just an age regression course, it was a whole new and stronger foundation with great materials to continue my growth and success with. I have a new drive and fire to be an incredible hypnotist and make a positive difference in as many lives as possible.” Sierra Carrère, Brooklyn, NY

“Cal & Maureen maintained high energy for us throughout the training. Every aspect of the class was organized. They (both Cal & Maureen) provided helpful supervision during our practice sessions. I feel like I received more than I expected – it was a great value.” Zane Szurgot, MSN, RN, CH, Fleetwood, PA

“It is hard to say enough about the strengths of this comprehensive introduction to Age Regression! Thank you for packing so much information and all the practice time into this 2-day training.” Billy J. Shilling, MA, CI, OB, Capt. USNL. Retired, Alexandria, VA

“One of the most complete and well presented classes I’ve ever attended, it should be the prototype for all classes. Thank you for your patience, attention to each person and caring for our own development.” Sharon Prazak, BA, CH, Tiverton, RI

“There is so much more than I can put in words: Outstanding class, supportive, elegant, impressive, highly recommended and life changing experience. I believe I have done my talking. If you want to experience it, I recommend you to take this class.” Valentina Vujosevic, BS, Toronto, Canada

“It is a complete Age Regression course where you get everything you need to know about regression.

It is a very structured course. Every student gets equal attention and as much time as needed. Every question is answered. Exercises, exercises and exercises make you do the inductions and regression easy and ready to use soon after you return to your practice.

Cal is a true Master Hypnotist, excellent teacher and a gentleman.”
Bharat Karajgi, MD, Nashua, NH

“If you want to take your age regression skills to the next level, this class is a great investment.” Stephen Ferguson, CH, Chelmsford, MA

“Cal is a terrific teacher. I enjoyed the class, its content and its pacing. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Cal.” Allan E. Doane, CH, Ojai, CA.

“Excellent course, very well structured with practical experience of doing age regressions.

Very good insight gained from the course.”
Sean Sheehy, CH, Cork, Ireland

“One of the most complete and well presented classes I’ve ever attended, should be the prototype for all classes. Thank you for your patience, attention to each person and caring for our own development.” Sharon Prazak, BA, CH,

“Cal Banyan’s Age Regression Certification course was complete and fulfilling. Unlike some training courses, this one delved deep into the fundamentals of feelings, explaining the flow of perception, consciousness and behavior. Cal used numerous anecdotes to illustrate principles and incorporated vivid metaphors to make sure students understood the concepts. He took the time to answer questions thoughtfully and completely and provided adequate opportunities to practice new skills. This course is a must for any hypnotist wishing to improve her practice. Thank you!” Cecilia Anderson, CH, Washington, DC

“Excellent Class. Totally professional! Thank you!” Therese Baumgart, BA, CH, New Haven, CT

“I have learnt a lot from Mr. Banyan, even more than what I expected. I would surely recommend this workshop to those who are interested in regression techniques.” Au Wong Man, Vivien, CH, Hong Kong

“I enjoyed the practice sessions – not usually done.” James Williams, CH. Anchorage, AK

“Well informed, well presented, well-educated presentation. Cal Banyan is truly one of the most professional instructors at the NGH. Thanks for all the great work that you do and for helping all of us grow!” Nicholas Colasanti, CH, Pottstown, PA

“Comprehensive and clearly presented - great course manual. Adequate practice opportunities. Logn hours but worth the investment!” Susan W. Cutter, CH, Woodhaven, NY

“Cal is very knowledgeable, kind, fun and passionate for what he does teaching, the profession and us, the students.

I wish much of success to you!

Blessings, Love, Peace and Light”
Rose Neves-Grigg, MA, CH

“I am so very glad that I finally got to take a class with Cal Banyan. This class was everything and more than I expected. I fully intend to take additional classes from Cal in the future.” Elizabeth Sarmento, RMT, CH, Plymouth, MA

“Presented more information than what I could have expected. We were provided with the clear answer to all questions!

In summary – a real professionally presented course, loaded with a ton of information.”
William T. Eaton, CI, Middleboro, MA

“This course is detailed, structured and organized in a scientific way. Each word in the procedure is carefully considered and tested. Totally competent application is assured.” Robert “Bob” Offer, CH, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Cal Banyan is an excellent teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed his class. I have learnt so much in this 2 day course. I am confident doing age regression now. He taught simple techniques of age regression which made me confident now to use it on my clients and get success with my clients.” Shanti Chainani, CH, Singapore

“This course has had a huge impact on me professionally and personally. The Banyan methods are built off and expanded upon the foundational, evidence based practices in hypnosis. I recommend Cal, and his courses as imperative to any hypnotist that wants to excel to the highest levels of the field and truly change people’s lives.” Helen Mrotek, BA (soon to be MS) CH, New Haven, CT.

“I have gained a new respect and understanding for the Instant Rapid Induction. I also received more tools in my work for Age regression and Past life regression, as well as pain management. I’m excited to go back and implement these changes with my clients immediately.” Suzanne Y. Snow, BS, MS Ed. CH, Skaneateles, NY

“This is a show-stopper course! The information is infinitely useful. The experiential methodology was highly effective. Cal Banyan is a competent instructor and genuinely cares about the success of his students. He gives a significant amount to the profession through teaching, preparing state of the art audio visuals and forms. He is a phenomenal teacher and posts free videos every week on the internet. Cannot say enough about the “value-added” of this course and the teacher.” Linda Cupit, MBA, MS, LFACHE, CH, Naples, FL

“This course is like a refresher course, great content, great presentation, super speaker.” Pratap C. Singhal, MD, Belleville, NJ

“Cal is a wonderful instructor. He is very generous with his time and knowledge. It was a very informative class that I would recommend to any serious hypnotist who wishes to take their practice to the next level.” Donna Bloom , CH, Plainview, NY

“The Hypnotic Age Regression class is informative, engaging and stimulating. The demonstrations and time to practice the techniques are invaluable.” Amanda Ferguson, BS, CH, Chelmsford, MA

“Best class I took at the NGH Annual conference until now! I like the fact that everything has an explanation – a rational one – that I can take with me and give it to the analytical minded clients/patients. IT will help the profession more than anything to get these people convinced that hypnosis is real and can be integrated in all aspects of lives.” Madalina M. Manea, DDs, CI, CHt, New York, NY

“This was so helpful for me. Learning faster inducctions. Learning how important Age Regression is to helping build my business. Making me more confident and building a successful practice. I learned how to be more efficient and effective.” Brenda Miller, CH, Webster, MN

“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the material in this class and did a great job at making it understandable. So much information and non-stop…every minute of the two-day class was used up and very valuable. All the advice given was priceless. Great job. Thank you!!!” John Barboza, CH, New Bedford, MA

NGH Approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Course with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

Graduates of our NGH Hypnotherapy Certification July 2014

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July 2014
Tustin, CA Held in Tustin
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“It was the most complete educational experience I ever had. It’s equivalent in my way of thinking to two college semesters of practical training, including live practice sessions, which are very effective.” Jim May, Ladera Ranch, CA

“Prior to taking this course, I had taken 100 hours of hypnosis training with reputable trainers, but still did not feel confident enough to work with clients. Hard to believe, but have! Cal Banyan’s systematic 5-PATH & 7th Path approach is clear, thorough and gets results. Cal is a skilled and dedicated hypnotist and trainer.” Holly Whall, LCSW. West Palm Beach, FL.

“The course was insightful and was transformational in just a couple of weeks. Cal is a great instructor/teacher that engages all the students in the classroom.” Molly Chen, MA., Santa Ana, CA.

“The course exceeded all of my expectations on every level. I am so grateful to have found the Banyan Hypnosis Center. Thank you so much Cal and Maureen for sharing your knowledge with us.” Ann Russell, BS., Rancho Mirage, CA.

“I went into this course with about as blank a slate as possible. I didn’t have a true concept of hypnosis or any idea of what 7th Path was or the impact it would have on my life. This process has been very transformational as I have gained confidence, knowledge and insight into how the mind works and how powerful and rejuvenating connection to one’s higher power can move one’s path forward at amazing speed. I have come out of this experience with a renewed sense of self and an empowered inner drive to assist others in the process of realizing their greatest potential and living the life they were meant to live. I am infinitely grateful!!” Kelly Cohee, MS., CAM, Coto de Caza, CA

“The NGH Hypnotherapy Certification course was a great class! Very organized and well structured. Cal really knows his stuff and I couldn’t imagine learning from anyone else who could give the quality education that he did. I feel I can walk away from this class and have the foundation to create a thriving practice. 5-PATH and 7th Path works and every step makes perfect sense. I recommend anyone interested in learning how to do hypnosis, take Cal’s class. It’s worth it!” Vanessa Wada, MS., KD, Fullerton, CA

“This was a wonderful, comprehensive course. There is so much great information, it is hard to retain it all. This course gave my hypnosis practice a great jumpstart. Thank you, Cal, for sharing your knowledge!” Carolyn Willis, CHt, Huntington Beach, CA

“This will help take your life to a new exciting path!” Ronald Schoenenberger, Dwight, IL.

“The course exceeded my expectations. It’s systematized and structured, full of useful information and gives valuable practice and experience.” Mikhail Reymarov, BS., Moscow, Russia

“This class was a very transformative experience. I didn’t expect that so much time will be devoted to personal transformation. I didn’t expect 7th Path to be taught at all, so that’s very cool!

As for 5-PATH, it was very great as well, the only course that has such logic and transparent structure that works well. Practice was helpful in building more confidence.”
Stepan Kolyukayev, BA, Moscow, Russia

“This course is awesome! Cal Banyan teaches his incredible 5-PATH and 7th Path techniques, and as students, we get to experience that change first hand! Thank you Cal and thank you Maureen, Brenda, Jessie and Marianne! I cannot wait to get out there, see clients, and spread the good word!” Taylor Newberry, BA, Denver, CO

“This class is transformational. I have practiced meditation and taken many different classes from psychology to spirituality. None could compare to this. This class from Cal is effective and it surprised me on how quick the healing and positive changes occur. It surpassed my expectation!” Amy Lam, MA. Santa Ana, CA.

“The class was really insightful. I learned many useful techniques and got acquainted with an effective hypnotherapeutical approach. The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis helped to solve some issues rather quickly so now I feel more confident and relieved.” Dmitry Oleynikov, BS, Moscow, Russia

“This is THE class for Hypnosis training! I was expecting the best training available and this course delivered tenfold. I enjoyed the class so much the first time I came back for a refresher. I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn Hypnotherapy. 5-PATH Hypnosis and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis are truly transformational.” Chris Kostolefsky, San Dimas, CA

“Thank you. This was a wonderful experience. So much information to absorb! I hope I am able to precent to my students as clearly and comprehensively and with as much patience as you…well, at least nearly as well! Also, I want to mention how much I appreciate the sensitivity and caring that you exhibit toward your students. You are an inspiration to me.” Laney Coulter, BCH, CPHI, M.Ed., Portland, OR

“This course was truly transforming for me. The method of doing hypnosis via 5-PATH and 7th Path, met more than I even expected. At the end of the 2nd week, I personally moved through hidden aspects of myself that freed me from 15+ years of pain that was thought to be a lifelong curse. I now know that through the process of 5-PATH and 7th Path, life can be given back to the person searching, CONTROL!

Cal Banyan is an amazing instructor. You can feel, sense and experience his passion of this process as well as witness his compassion towards his clients.”
Marcella Hilferty, BS, MBA, Easton, PA - "Attended Course Live Online"

“I have to say, a man is lucky and blessed when someone with passion has crossed his path. Cal is that Passionate man, truly giving relentlessly so all his students can achieve success. He orchestrates his time so effectively blowing your mind with useful practical information. The course was amazing, but, even more so, you will be confident to begin your practice right away and be successful. Finally, if you choose to teach 7th Path, you truly will be of service to your community where normal everyday people with everyday problems or goals can do 7th Path and set themselves free to create a life that fills their needs, wants and desires. Thanks, Cal!” Tom D’Ancona, BA., Easton, PA - "Attended Course Live Online"

“Thank you for this high-quality, information-packed, inspiring class! I appreciate all of the time, expertise, patience and skill by which Cal filled my mind, heart and soul with content. This class has definitely prepared me to begin a serious hypnotherapy practice. The 7th Path work has (and will continue to be) personally transformative – allowing me to integrate the hypnosis and 5-PATH info even more readily. I received so many practical and useful tools…this class exceeded my expectations. BRAVO! For the work Banyan Hypnosis Center is doing!” Karla Boemer, Golden Valley, MN - "Attended Course Live Online"

“My goals were (1) to feel more comfortable with the fundamentals of hypnotherapy and (2) to learn self hypnosis. Cal and his team did a great job and certainly met my learning objectives.” Adnan Jalal, MD, Toronto, Canada - "Attended Course Live Online"

7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Ultimate Recognitions of the 9th Degree Teachers

Graduates of our 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teachers Course May 2014

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May 2014
Tustin, CA Held in Tustin
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

The Week of Power - Advanced Hypnosis Certification with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

Graduates of our Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification Course 2014

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May 2014
Tustin, CA Held in Tustin
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“This class was one of the most powerful courses that I have taken in my life. It was transformational. I saw changes happening in my life mentally, physically and emotionally and happening with my husband as well. I see possibilities for my practice to take it to the next level. The possibilities are becoming reality. I am planning to become a 7th Path teacher to share this info with the world.” Maureen Amen-Gay, BS, CI. St. Charles, MO.

“Great class! Extremely enlightening , much more than I expected. Cal delivers so much more than he promises. You will have insights and knowledge regarding how our mind works and how to effectively use hypnosis for positive change. If you are serious about doing hypnotherapy, his class is an absolute must! I wish I had taken it long ago.” Andrew Gay, CH, CI, St. Charles, MO

“This is an amazing class, it has an amazing teacher, Cal Banyan! His passion and dedication to the programs, 5-PATH and 7th Path is intense and exciting at the same time! I have shifted in a way personally that I never dreamed of in his class. (I do a lot of personal work on myself) but, this was life changing, and inspired me to have a more effective and joyous life!! Thank you, Cal Banyan!” Marilyn Salerno, CH, La Mesa, CA

“Excellent course, which was over seven days and could not have been any shorter. Very good content delivered by Cal at a respectable pace! All classroom content was reinforced by practical sessions twice a day. The class size of ten and four online was a perfect number – with all students getting insight from their peer group. Overall 10/10.” Bob Bees, BS. East Sussex, England

“How can you put a price on personal transformation? All that, and my skills as a hypnotist increased exponentially!” Lori Allen, CH. Salt Lake City

“High powered presentations filled with tons of information and lots of practice time with feedback and supervision. The perfect course for serious hypnotists who want to increase their knowledge and enhance their skills. Cal Banyan is a dynamic presenter who holds your attention and interest with his tested and proven results of his 5-PATH Advanced program.” Darlene Hill, CH. Waterville, Nova Scotia, Canada

“This course has been transformational both for me personally and for my practice. I am excited to continue down my new path, loaded with new techniques and confidence.” Dwight R. Lindsay, CH. Murray, UT

“Excellent class! I’ve done many trainings inside and outside of hypnosis or NGH. By far, Cal is the best, most thorough instructor/trainer I have ever experienced. I want to know everything he knows and he is willing to share it all. No – fluff! Concise, efficient, and even more than I expected.” Karen Hand, BCH, CI, Chicago, Il

“The course was fantastic. Learning 5-PATH will serve as an asset to my ability in my hypnosis practice. 7th Path was something that is even better than I anticipated. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is truly serious about taking their skills to the next level.” Christopher Meyer, CH, Suwannee, GA

“Calvin Banyan certainly is not just one of the best hypnotherapists, but also an excellent instructor around as well. The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis is a powerful tool for me to have and attending this course for a week will definitely transform to a lot better person – the power within you will be realized.” Christopher Meyer, CH, Suwannee, GA

Online Students

“I loved Cal Banyan’s class, it was so much more than I ever expected. I loved Cal’s “no bull” approach, no time wasted, it was on purpose, on course, I have learned so much about hypnosis. I also really enjoyed Maureen’s supervision during practice, she was kind, professional and very instructive. I would take this class again in a minute, it was a fantastic ride. And I do recommend it to any hypnotists striving to become the best that they can be!” Nathalie Belisle, CH. Laval, Quebec, Canada

“I am honored that I had a chance to participate in this course, mostly because I believe that Cal Banyan is one of the best hypnotists I ever heard about. He is very straight to the point, and he has all the answers. He is not afraid to share with others, and he will always give you something more, and something beyond the usual trainings. Thank you!” Danilo Spasic, CH, Partille, Sweden

7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Ultimate Recognitions of the 5th Degree Teachers

Graduates of our 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teachers Course 2014

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March 2014
Tustin, CA Held in Tustin
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“Not surprising to find this as fascinating as the 5-PATH, 7th Path training a few weeks ago. This brings the power and scope of the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® to another level. This is what you take when you’re ready to pierce the veil and embrace your true potential.” Robert T. Baran, CH. Laguna Hills, CA

“As usual, Cal delivers more than I bargained for with his amazing teaching style. More insight, more self-development than I thought possible. I feel ready to claim my rightful place on a path of success, love, peace and creativity from the fruits of continuing the practice of 7th Path.” Houda Alkalla, BA, CH. Dubai

“This is the most clear and profound course I have ever attended. It has been for me like a shining light on my approach to hypnosis and spirituality. It has touched me deeply, and I am sure it will enormously improve the quality of my practice and the way I relate to it, as well as the way I relate to my own feelings.” Vittorio Romeo, PhD. CH. Laguna Beach, CA.

NGH Approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Course with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

Graduates of our NGH Certification (Plus 5-PATH® & 7th Path™)

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February 2014
Tustin, CA Held in Tustin
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“This class was more powerful than I ever expected or thought it could be. I can truthfully say it changed my life and I hope to help others change their lives, too.” Susan Coburn, Stockton, CA

“Learning first hand from an innovator like Cal Banyan was an eye opening experience. His 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® redefines “Hypnosis” in a way that will unleash your own potential as you move forward and begin helping people with what you’ve learned. Thanks, Cal!” Robert Baran, Laguna Hills, CA

“The Advanced Hypnotherapy with 5PATH® and 7th Path Self Hypnosis® has given me the tools and skills to take my psychotherapy/hypnotherapy practice to the next level. This course has given me the confidence I need to continue to succeed in the business of helping others.” Robbie S. Redmon, MA, LPC, Dallas, TX

“I am impressed how insightful this therapeutic process is. And this will be a part of my personal growth as well. It is intense but in a good way. The journey has just started and will go on.” Xinnuo Li, MS, Irvine, CA

“I cannot thank Cal and Maureen enough. The course was interesting, informative and transformational.” Christopher Ellison, Riverside, CA

“I came into the class expecting to leave with the tools necessary (education) to allow me to succeed as a certified practicing hypnotherapist. What I received instead was not only the information, education and tools I needed, but I also received transformational information, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® delivered by an exceptionally gifted instructor (Cal) that will basically assure the success of my practice. Thank you, Cal and Maureen and Danny, for all your unselfish support.” Robert Riddick, CUCA, Moreno Valley, CA

“This is an amazing advanced Hypnotherapy course. It provides a crucial skill set that every serious hypnotist should be utilizing to help others heal and live fulfilling lives!” Natalie Overbye, BS, CSW, New Richmond, WI

“I had misconception about hypnosis like other people. During this intense class, you will not just learn about the truth about hypnosis and how to hypnotize others, but, you will learn more about yourself. You will learn from a famous, patient, knowledgeable, kind and strict instructor, who will guide you step by step to do the techniques correctly.
Regardless of your religion, gender, background, age and education, if you are interested to help yourself and others, make the effort and take your first step to success. This is the right training for you!!”
Waled Bahssen, UAE

“This class was a total revelation to me. When I signed up, I did not expect this much! Through this class, I have discovered a very new dimension of doing hypnosis and hypnotherapy for others and for myself.” Vittorio Romeo, Laguna Beach, CA

“Amazing! I learned so much, thank you!” Erik Laurikainen, Petaluma, CA

“This is my second time taking this course. The first time was a great experience, the second time around was even greater. It blows my mind what an opportunity Cal provides each student to become not only the best hypnotist one can be, but the best person one can be. You leave the Banyan Hypnosis Center with the ability to hypnotize people, and the ability to be on a path that leads you to a life of being happy, joyous and free!” Houda Alkalla, BA, Dubai, UAE

“I am retaking the class for a second time due to illness. I am grateful to Cal, Maureen, Danny and Marianne for providing an environment of fun, learning and kindness. I have been through many years of education and find this course to be professional and well focused. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn hypnosis from the best teacher, Cal Banyan.” Mani Mostashari, PhD., Huntington Beach, CA

Past Graduates