Hypnosis Sessions: 
Under Texas Law, a hypnotist may not provide a medical diagnosis or recommend discontinuance of medically prescribed treatments.  If a client desires a diagnosis or any other type of treatment from a different practitioner, the client may seek such services at any time. 
In the event your services are terminated by you or your hypnotist, you have the right to coordinate transfer of services to another practitioner.   You have the right to refuse hypnosis services at any time.  
Success from any kind of coaching, medical or hypnosis process cannot be guaranteed.  For you to succeed, you need to follow the instructions of the hypnotist you are working with, complete assignments that are given, such as, doing self-hypnosis at home.  Finally, you must put your own effort into the outcome you desire. 

Hypnosis Training Materials (Books, Videos, and Audio Programs, Etc.):
Just as it is stated above that no educational program, school or teacher can guarantee that you are successful, neither can purchasing a particular book, video or audio program guarantee that you will be successful.  These materials can only convey information or demonstrate techniques.  You must read the book, view the video, or listen to the audio program to benefit from them.  You must also work to master the material so that it can be implemented in live sessions with real clients.  You should never use a technique with a client until you are reasonably sure that you can utilize the technique in a way that will likely be beneficial for the client and help him or her reach the goal that you are helping your client with.

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