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Banyan Hypnosis Center Graduates of 2011

Some photos on this page do not contain all of the students from each class.
All photos taken at our office or school unless noted otherwise
All feedback from students is used with their written permission.

NGH Approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Course with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

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November 2011
Tustin, California Held in Tustin
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“Cal was professional, fair and patient with the class. He answered all our questions - many times over. He presented the material in a very organized manner and kept the course well focused. The course was very well rounded, covering areas of hypnosis that I had not considered exploring. I was impressed with how comprehensive the material was, from the business model handling to your first client to working with groups for 7th path. I was impressed and pleased.” Sam Tribble - Accredited Professional member of USA Gymnastics
Corona Del Mar, CA

“This is the best course I have ever taken. It is the most powerful tool for self-transformation and facilitating healing for others at all levels. Excellent, excellent, excellent!! Got so much more than I bargained for. Studying with Cal is priceless.” Mercedes M.Otero-Carrady, MA
Puerto Rico

“More courses should be this in depth and impactful. Even most colleges don't teach at this kind of level. Cal is tough and direct, but it keeps the class moving. Take this course if you want to change your life, improve your inner game, help others with greater success, or be among the 1% in the field.” Julie Moore
Corona, CA

“This course was for sure one of the best decisions of my life. I'm very impressed about the 5-Path system. This gives me everything I need to help people with nearly all problems they have. And 7th-Path, of course, changed me, my personality, my thinking of myself and the whole world. Our instructor Cal did his job as best as possible. He is professional, competent and very patient. Thank you for being part of this class.” Matthias König

“This has been the most transformative 2 week course I have ever taken. I emerged with such gratitude for what Cal and Maureen have created to help bring the 7th Path teachings into the world. I look forward to being a part of this journey and teaching others to help bring fourth their own gifts and find their purpose. Thank you!” Jackie Fairney M.A, E.d.D
Huntington Beach, CA

“Dear Cal & Maureen,

Now that I am home from training, I wanted to take the opportunity to write and tell you what I was too overwhelmed to say while I was there.

Thank you so much for everything you have provided to me and all the 5-PATHers - the incredible system that is 5-PATH®, 7thPath, all of the business building skills and methods and all the passion that you bring both to teaching and to the work.

I came to your training with really high hopes, and someone cautioned me about not being disappointed if the training didn't live up to all of them. I chuckle when I think of Cal repeatedly saying, "You are going to get everything you came for and much more" (pardon the paraphrasing). You were absolutely right. Not only did you teach us SO much more than we would have learned from at least 99% of other NGH trainings from a technical perspective, we got the other parts too. I came with some questions about how we handled energy and burnout and Cal answered those better than I could have imagined. Heck, I can even clear a DFE now!

I didn't even know what 7th Path was before I attended. What a bonus for my own transformation, and amazing thing to teach as well. Last night I taught my first 7th Path class! My students loved it! And our enthusiasm feeds each other, This is a critical quality I wanted in my new line of work; that it feeds me, and is also interesting and something I actually care about.

My current class is a multi-week one. I have another 7th Path class on the agenda for January, I think with the full day weekend format, and I got an idea on the yahoo group to do a weight loss oriented one, which I think I will each in February in a 5 week format.

Well, after saying all that, I feel it is all so inadequate to really express my admiration and appreciation for you both. In addition to EVERYTHING else, thank you for being out on the web cast every week. It's great to see your continuing passion, in addition to all thegreat knowledge and skill you share with us.

I'm so honored to know you both and to call you both my teachers.

With love,”

Michele Lesurf
Woodland Hills, CA

“The system of 5-Path that Cal Banyan has put into place is a very methodical approach that can be used with each client to meet their individual needs. Each phase is designed to bring fourth the transformation necessary for clients to empower their lives. Thank you Cal for the research that went into this and being able to teach it that we can effectively utilize in our own practice.” Sabrina S.Edwards
Austin, Texas

“I am so grateful to Calvin Banyan for sharing his knowledge with all of us. Also for making such a profound difference in my life, for teaching me and for delivering on his promises. I would recommend this course for all the people that have the will to change this world to a better place.” Boyan Papo G.G

“7th- Path was completely revealing, inspirational journey vibrating deeply into my soul with divine messages. This technique brought a lot of clarity and profound positive personal change. I received this gift, from our instructor Cal D.Banyan, with joy and gratitude and I commit myself to share it as a 7th path teacher. With great pleasure, I want to thank Cal and everyone from the class for the two transformational weeks” Aviva Cohen, MSc
Paris, France

“This course was a journey of self-discovery. It was both personally and intellectually transforming. It exceeded my expectations. It is both a graduate level comprehensive course in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy scrunched into two weeks, as well as a deep personal growth group experience. This training will teach you all that the tool of hypnosis is and is not, and how to use the tool of hypnosis to help your clients accomplish the change they've come to you to make. No matter what your theoretical orientation, no matter what your religious beliefs and practices, this course can help you do what you're already doing much better. You'll learn what you are in this world to do - your mission in life.” Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D.
Huntingdon Valley, PA

The Week of Power - Advanced Hypnosis Certification with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

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August 2011
Tustin, California Held at the NGH Convention in Marlborough, MA
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“This course has given me the tools to be able to confidently help my clients make the changes that they desire. By eliminating the emotional cause of the problem, changes can come about rapidly. 7th Path is a great addition and will be beneficial to anyone who will commit the time to it.” Lori Ullrich
Rehoboth, MA

“This is the course for the practitioner that wants to learn the most powerful and effective techniques for working with clients. Cal is a dynamic teacher and this class will make you a better hypnotist... period. I can recommend it without reservation.” Richard Urgo, MD.
Schaumburg, IL

“Great course... provides you with all the tools and process to perform 5-PATH® hypnosis and 7th path Self-Hypnosis®. Allows you to apply hypnosis to any situation.” Roy Thaller MSc, MBA
Vancouver, B.C.

“The course was very informative and well organized. The instructor was knowledgeable and answered all questions. I learned a great deal of information and knowledge.” Raul E. Viteri, CH.
Allonquin, IL

“It is a very, structured and full covered course that makes you able to work successfully at your clients. It brings you a lot up, even if you are experienced hypnotist. I would highly recommend this class for all hypnotists.” Hanspeter Ricklin

NGH Approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Course with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

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July 2011
Marlborough, MA Held in Tustin
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“This course was more than I ever expected! The course was extremely comprehensive and prepared me to begin helping others right away. Cal is a very good teacher and if you want to be a 1%er, take this course! This course literally changed my life. The teachings go above and beyond classical hypnosis training, and teach you to fix the problem rather than put a band-aid on the symptoms.” Danielle Silva
Long Beach, CA

“The course was very complete, the instructor is very knowledgeable and knows his craft of hypnotherapy, a really friendly school to go to. I loved everything about the course it was like everything that I expected it to be. I would highly recommend the school for hypnosis and training.” Nicolas Almonte
Huntersville, NC

“I am satisfied in my decision to take this course. The knowledge of the instructor is evident and covers everything that I was hoping to learn of modern hypnosis.” Juan Lopez

“All of my expectations towards this course have been met and exceeded, especially for the 7th Path part. The instructor was a strict teacher, yet caring behind his mask. The rooms and equipment have been more than appropriate, especially the chairs.” Karlheinz Peschle

“The last two weeks have been life-transforming. I really enjoyed every minute of it and Cal was a great teacher. I felt like I got the best hypnosis training, which is exactly what I was looking for, but I also got much more. 7th Path was such a spiritual experience for me, I did not expect that and I feel better than I have in a long time. I recommend this class to anyone who wants their life transformed in a positive way.” Adrian Rodriguez
San Diego, CA

“I enjoyed this class and found it very informative. My expectations were exceeded in that I did not know much about age regression and have learned a vast amount that I feel confident to perform.” Erik Kjell Johnson
Garden Grove, CA

“This course provided for intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development, and the instructor was in complete control of all elements of the course content. Especially impressive was Cal's commentaries on his demonstration hypnoses, when he explained the subtleties of his work, showing that he is consciously in control of the entire session.” Terence Ford
Los Angeles, CA

“Excellent class - far surpassed my expectations! Cal is a natural at presenting the information in a way that is easily understood!” Pamela Lang
San Francisco, CA

“This course certainly prepares one for a career in a systematic mind-body-spirit hypnotic process and exceeded my expectations. What I didn't expect was learning a transformational process that has enriched and enlightened my thinking in two weeks! Cal Banyan is a passionate and masterful hypnotherapist and teacher who will challenge your intellect, feed your soul and open doors to new possibilities. Take the course for yourself!” Janell Newman, MS. PhD
Bremerton, WA

“This class was so transformational. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! My intent was to come away from the class as a certified hypnotist but came away with a profound personal healing.” Diane Dixon, BS.
Anaheim, CA

7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teachers Course – Ultimate Recognitions

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June 2011
Tustin, California Held in Tustin
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“I came to this workshop in the exactly right time! The Ultimate recognitions are truly consciousness-expanding, energizing, nurturing in many ways. I highly recommend practicing the Ultimate's not just for personal gain, but for the sake of mankind.
Ultimate's 6-9 are a quantum leap from 1-5. if you have 1-5 and wonder about 6-9... You are in for a great surprise!
Thanks again to Cal for his presence, teaching humor and wisdom.”
Taly Viner
Irvine, CA

“More than anticipated, love the instructor! Wish I could have more opportunity to move my stiff, store body. But it is great to get this done in a few days. What if there were some sort of reunion or gathering of all who have received ultimate's.” Carol Rains
Morro Bay, CA

“Ultimate's 6-9 class helped me improve my practice of 7th Path by going over the basics of 3-level mastery, structure of recognition and echo and focus techniques.
The Ultimate's in themselves led to my feeling liberated from the seperativeness of my mind alone. Now, I am unified with my Delta and feeling happy. I am ready to give 7th Path classes.”
William G. Burke III
Hermosa Beach, CA

The Week of Power - Advanced Hypnosis Certification with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

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May 2011
Tustin, California Held in Tustin
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“Fantastic course. I feel like I absolutely got everything I felt like I needed, PLUS some. I feel totally confident now to work with clients. Totally psyched to have had the chance to come here & be part of this. Thanks!” Andrew Nolan
San Francisco, CA

“During the week of Power, Cal banyan pushed me to the insights and shifts that are quite profound! 7th Path™ and 5-PATH® are gifts that will absolutely facilitate transformation within myself, and allow me to share that transformation with others. I'm filled with gratitude , and can't wait to share these pearls of wisdom with the world!” Sherry Nelson, Ph.D.
Cheyenne Wells, CO

“I came early so that I could experience working on personal issues through 5-PATH® with Elronn. It was amazing and inspired my learning during the week of power.

Dear Cal

Thank you for presenting this beyond amazing, life-changing Week of Power. The feelings and gratitude that I have are overwhelming, and there is no way to adequately describe this experience. Cal, with the education, support for your students, and your own wonderful self-you are truly changing the WORLD. I feel so fortunate to be just a small part of the Cal banyan family.

Cal, I have changed in many ways this week but to mention a few... because now I KNOW:

  1. It is absolutely malpractice not to be proficient in and utilize all these tools in the practice of hypnosis:
    1. 5-PATH®
    2. 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®
    3. The Secret Language of Feelings
    4. The on-going education and tools available from the Cal Banyan system.
  2. If a client does not want to re-visit a "painful" couple of years from his childhood though Age Regression, it is imperative to say, "Hit the Road - I only practice 5-PATH® which is an integrated system of self-discovery and healing for normal every day issues."
  3. My own journey of self-healing and discovery is forever changed for the good as I welcome years of continued education and support with Cal Banyan, et al. and this makes me feel:
    1. Fearless, empowered, wonderful, a part of something much larger than "Myself"
    2. Grateful for being a Cal Banyan graduate and part of an organization where there is assistance for me personally and professionally
    3. On my way to a successful, enlightened career as a "Board Certified Hypnotist" as I help others improve their lives with a journey through 5-PATH ®, 7th Path, and The Secret Language of Feelings

Cal, from the bottom of my heart, I will be eternally grateful. Most Sincerely - Your Friend and Colleague.” Susie Lemley BA, RN, CH
Conway, AR

“I thank that you are a great teacher with a great deal to share. Your insights are a blessing. Please continue to glow, receive and share with others. Your sense of humor is a great thing & teaching tool & you use it well to keep things light & fun. It's a tremendous gift - (be thankful). Thank you for this opportunity to learn from you.” Anthony Hunt
Charlotte, NC

“I had contemplated going to a Cal banyan course for a long time, years in fact. Now having completed this intensive training I have no doubt that my hypnosis practice will rise to a new level due to 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®.” George Guarino, CH
Albany, NY

“This is the best course on age-regression and the use of a highly-evolved form of self-hypnosis that exists. Actually, calling 5-PATH® "age regression" simply does not do it justice; and calling 7th Path "self-hypnosis" is a simplistic reduction. For any therapist deserving a complete system of affective therapy that will reliably identify the past causes of emotionally-based behavioral dysfunction, then this is the course. And, linking past affective clearing, directed with abreactive emotions leading to specific incidents, to continued self-healing using 7th Path leads to profound and lasting change.” Kennith Kern, MD, MPH (CI)
San Diego, CA

“I came to this course seeking advanced skills in hypnotherapy. Quality training is very important to me and this course and the instructor exceeded my expectations. As a result, I am more competent and confident as a professional hypnotist. I recommend this course highly to anyone who values this profession.” Mattie Giles, MEd., CH
Houston, TX

“In my practice, I have valued my insight, my experience and my intuition. I've been humbled by learning the 5-PATH® system, which provides a very clean process that allows clients to provide the insight and intuition to change their own lives. If you follow the steps, the hypnotic process works. When clients truly experience the emotions that tare holding them back, they are free to let them go. Cal's example sessions demonstration a ruthless compassion.” Stephanie Voss, CHt, BA
Los Angeles, CA

“I like the course very much because it benefits my from the inside. This is like the day I know why I was born. I could be a missionary to pass the 7th Path all around. Spiritual life is so important to people, and there are a lot of places need this insightful program. The instructor is outstanding. He is the master of this topic, not only the content, but also the way he uses to convey the content. I like the direct style he uses, the humor he has, and the experience he shares.” Leonard Liu, MBA
Beijing, China

“Course was detailed, extensive & life changing.This course is highly recommended to the practicing hypnotist/hypnotherapist. This systematic approach is valuable & developed by a subject matter expert whom has exhibited knowledge, skill & experience. The 7th Path course has effected personal change; a lifetime struggle until now. The instructor delivered the course in a professional, meticulous manner that challenged the learner & held them accountable for their learning.” Sylvia Vega, CH
Bisbee, AZ

“I appreciated the structured approach to the class: logical unfolding of the material and of course, being pushed to deal with myself. I loved the practice time and comments from the supervision. I appreciated the drill and the gradual building up the skills block by block. I also loved the exercise booklet; it really builds up the confidence! The class is profound on all levels: professional and personal. It is life changing and simply amazing.” Irina Baker, M.A.
Chula Vista, CA

“Class exceeded my expectations. Gained confidence in the first day of class. 7th Path is the most powerful self-hypnosis meditation I have ever done. Cal Banyan explained everything so clearly and purposefully that I am not afraid to use rapid induction and I found the people and environment were a cut above the level of excellent.” Anne Hale
Glendora, CA.

“5-PATH® is arguably the most advanced, best structured therapy model in the world at this time. 7th Path is an unexpected explosion of transformation. I got so much more than what I signed up for.” Catherine Ann
Benoni, South Africa

NGH Approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Course with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

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March 2011
Tustin, California Held in Tustin
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“This has been a life changing experience. The course covers all aspects and is a full whole system that teaches everything that is needed for someone to move into the profession. The materials and most of all the teaching is everything anyone would need to be both adequately informed and prepared. The 7th Path process is the body mind spirit aspect that enables personal transformation that makes it all possible. This is the best, why would anyone want anything less than the best.” Adriana Laming
Doncaster, England United Kingdom

“Amazing!! Cal was incredible! I learned more about helping others in 2 weeks than in my four years of undergrad. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Juliane Fischman, BA
Hailey, ID

“I found this course very informative and more than I had hoped for.” Paul Cassidy
Santa Barbara, CA

“Be ready and prepared to have a mere two weeks of your life, changes you life forever. Cal "gives" and "appreciates" at a level I've never received from a professor or teacher. Great professional staff at the Banyan Hypnosis Center. Just do it! Thank you so much!” Andrew Zibin
Castlegar, BC Canada

“Be in for a surprise if you take this course! My goal was to become a Hypnotherapist and learn the skills and techniques. Instead of that, after two weeks of intensive training I came out having learned a life transforming process, which is able to generate permanent changes in a very structured, clear and profound way. The result of this course is over and beyond my wildest dreams.” Astrid Wouterse
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Past Graduates