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Banyan Hypnosis Center Graduates of Age Regression Certification Course 2014

Age Regression Certification Course NGH 2014

Graduates of our Age Regression Certification Course NGH August 2014

August 2014
Tustin, CA Held in Marlborough, MA
Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotherapist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

“I learned so much – so much that I realized I was missing too much in my practice prior! For me it wasn’t just an age regression course, it was a whole new and stronger foundation with great materials to continue my growth and success with. I have a new drive and fire to be an incredible hypnotist and make a positive difference in as many lives as possible.” Sierra Carrère, Brooklyn, NY

“Cal & Maureen maintained high energy for us throughout the training. Every aspect of the class was organized. They (both Cal & Maureen) provided helpful supervision during our practice sessions. I feel like I received more than I expected – it was a great value.” Zane Szurgot, MSN, RN, CH, Fleetwood, PA

“It is hard to say enough about the strengths of this comprehensive introduction to Age Regression! Thank you for packing so much information and all the practice time into this 2-day training.” Billy J. Shilling, MA, CI, OB, Capt. USNL. Retired, Alexandria, VA

“One of the most complete and well presented classes I’ve ever attended, it should be the prototype for all classes. Thank you for your patience, attention to each person and caring for our own development.” Sharon Prazak, BA, CH, Tiverton, RI

“There is so much more than I can put in words: Outstanding class, supportive, elegant, impressive, highly recommended and life changing experience. I believe I have done my talking. If you want to experience it, I recommend you to take this class.” Valentina Vujosevic, BS, Toronto, Canada

“It is a complete Age Regression course where you get everything you need to know about regression.

It is a very structured course. Every student gets equal attention and as much time as needed. Every question is answered. Exercises, exercises and exercises make you do the inductions and regression easy and ready to use soon after you return to your practice.

Cal is a true Master Hypnotist, excellent teacher and a gentleman.”
Bharat Karajgi, MD, Nashua, NH

“If you want to take your age regression skills to the next level, this class is a great investment.” Stephen Ferguson, CH, Chelmsford, MA

“Cal is a terrific teacher. I enjoyed the class, its content and its pacing. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Cal.” Allan E. Doane, CH, Ojai, CA.

“Excellent course, very well structured with practical experience of doing age regressions.

Very good insight gained from the course.”
Sean Sheehy, CH, Cork, Ireland

“One of the most complete and well presented classes I’ve ever attended, should be the prototype for all classes. Thank you for your patience, attention to each person and caring for our own development.” Sharon Prazak, BA, CH,

“Cal Banyan’s Age Regression Certification course was complete and fulfilling. Unlike some training courses, this one delved deep into the fundamentals of feelings, explaining the flow of perception, consciousness and behavior. Cal used numerous anecdotes to illustrate principles and incorporated vivid metaphors to make sure students understood the concepts. He took the time to answer questions thoughtfully and completely and provided adequate opportunities to practice new skills. This course is a must for any hypnotist wishing to improve her practice. Thank you!” Cecilia Anderson, CH, Washington, DC

“Excellent Class. Totally professional! Thank you!” Therese Baumgart, BA, CH, New Haven, CT

“I have learnt a lot from Mr. Banyan, even more than what I expected. I would surely recommend this workshop to those who are interested in regression techniques.” Au Wong Man, Vivien, CH, Hong Kong

“I enjoyed the practice sessions – not usually done.” James Williams, CH. Anchorage, AK

“Well informed, well presented, well-educated presentation. Cal Banyan is truly one of the most professional instructors at the NGH. Thanks for all the great work that you do and for helping all of us grow!” Nicholas Colasanti, CH, Pottstown, PA

“Comprehensive and clearly presented - great course manual. Adequate practice opportunities. Logn hours but worth the investment!” Susan W. Cutter, CH, Woodhaven, NY

“Cal is very knowledgeable, kind, fun and passionate for what he does teaching, the profession and us, the students.

I wish much of success to you!

Blessings, Love, Peace and Light”
Rose Neves-Grigg, MA, CH

“I am so very glad that I finally got to take a class with Cal Banyan. This class was everything and more than I expected. I fully intend to take additional classes from Cal in the future.” Elizabeth Sarmento, RMT, CH, Plymouth, MA

“Presented more information than what I could have expected. We were provided with the clear answer to all questions!

In summary – a real professionally presented course, loaded with a ton of information.”
William T. Eaton, CI, Middleboro, MA

“This course is detailed, structured and organized in a scientific way. Each word in the procedure is carefully considered and tested. Totally competent application is assured.” Robert “Bob” Offer, CH, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Cal Banyan is an excellent teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed his class. I have learnt so much in this 2 day course. I am confident doing age regression now. He taught simple techniques of age regression which made me confident now to use it on my clients and get success with my clients.” Shanti Chainani, CH, Singapore

“This course has had a huge impact on me professionally and personally. The Banyan methods are built off and expanded upon the foundational, evidence based practices in hypnosis. I recommend Cal, and his courses as imperative to any hypnotist that wants to excel to the highest levels of the field and truly change people’s lives.” Helen Mrotek, BA (soon to be MS) CH, New Haven, CT.

“I have gained a new respect and understanding for the Instant Rapid Induction. I also received more tools in my work for Age regression and Past life regression, as well as pain management. I’m excited to go back and implement these changes with my clients immediately.” Suzanne Y. Snow, BS, MS Ed. CH, Skaneateles, NY

“This is a show-stopper course! The information is infinitely useful. The experiential methodology was highly effective. Cal Banyan is a competent instructor and genuinely cares about the success of his students. He gives a significant amount to the profession through teaching, preparing state of the art audio visuals and forms. He is a phenomenal teacher and posts free videos every week on the internet. Cannot say enough about the “value-added” of this course and the teacher.” Linda Cupit, MBA, MS, LFACHE, CH, Naples, FL

“This course is like a refresher course, great content, great presentation, super speaker.” Pratap C. Singhal, MD, Belleville, NJ

“Cal is a wonderful instructor. He is very generous with his time and knowledge. It was a very informative class that I would recommend to any serious hypnotist who wishes to take their practice to the next level.” Donna Bloom , CH, Plainview, NY

“The Hypnotic Age Regression class is informative, engaging and stimulating. The demonstrations and time to practice the techniques are invaluable.” Amanda Ferguson, BS, CH, Chelmsford, MA

“Best class I took at the NGH Annual conference until now! I like the fact that everything has an explanation – a rational one – that I can take with me and give it to the analytical minded clients/patients. IT will help the profession more than anything to get these people convinced that hypnosis is real and can be integrated in all aspects of lives.” Madalina M. Manea, DDs, CI, CHt, New York, NY

“This was so helpful for me. Learning faster inducctions. Learning how important Age Regression is to helping build my business. Making me more confident and building a successful practice. I learned how to be more efficient and effective.” Brenda Miller, CH, Webster, MN

“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the material in this class and did a great job at making it understandable. So much information and non-stop…every minute of the two-day class was used up and very valuable. All the advice given was priceless. Great job. Thank you!!!” John Barboza, CH, New Bedford, MA

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