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Hypnosis Training Video #433: NLP Training Videos “Part 1” by Dr. Horton with Cal Banyan (Watch Now)

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Cal in NLP Training Videos “Part 1” by Dr. Horton with Cal Banyan (Watch Now)Wil in NLP Training Videos “Part 1” by Dr. Horton with Cal Banyan (Watch Now)

What Is the Most Logical Skill Set for A Working Hypnotist To Learn Next?

I’ll Tell You Right Now, I Believe This Would Be NLP! Learn 3 Important Techniques NOW! Starting with the Quick Sub-Modality Shift Technique

With NLP You Will Be a More Effective Hypnotist and That Results In Having a More Successful Practice

Dr. Wil HortonThis is the first in a VERY Special 3-Part Series with, who I believe is THE best NLP trainer in the world, Dr. William Horton! Get this video and many more here on

Learning and mastering even these “basic” NLP techniques can make you into a more effective hypnosis professional which results in you having a more successful hypnosis practice. AND, Dr. “Wil” Horton is going to give you 3 important techniques in this series for free!

In this first video you learn what NLP is, why it is so useful in a hypnosis practice, AND then Wil trains you to actually do the Quick Sub-Modality Shift Technique for you to help yourself and your clients!

In this 3 Part Video Series, You Get

  1. Part 1 you learn the powerful Quick Sub-Modality Shift NLP technique is a powerful tool you can use right away to change habits!
  2. Part 2 in this series you get an introduction to using Time Line Therapy. (Will be out in a day or two.)
  3. Part 3, Dr. Wil Horton will teach how to use the Thought Stopping Process. (Will be published in a couple of days after Part 2.)

We are holding nothing back. We continue with my tradition of giving you information and techniques that you can really use the next day! We hope you will be so excited by what you learn from Wil that you will want to join me as a student in his class at our center in June.

THAT’S RIGHT! NLP Coming to the Banyan Hypnosis Center!

Ultimate Basic NLP CourseDr. William Horton is coming to the Banyan Hypnosis Center to teach the “Ultimate” Basic NLP Course, and I’m taking the course!

Let’s get certified in NLP together. Oh man, this is going to be fun! Get in on the early registration discount! The date for the course is June 19 – 22, 2015. Get all the info. and get your seat! Click the link or type into your browser.

NLP Grows Your Business! In this series, we will also reveal how to use NLP techniques to get potential clients to want to see you for hypnosis sessions, all very ethically.

That is about it… Remember to get instant access to all my free videos by becoming a VIP member of the site. It’s free.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Let’s do GREAT things together!
Cal Banyan

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