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Hypnosis Training Video #412: Be a Hypnopreneur™ & Get Ready for the Coming Year – Here is How We Do It!

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Cal in Be a Hypnopreneur™ & Get Ready for the Coming Year – Here is How We Do It!Erika in Be a Hypnopreneur™ & Get Ready for the Coming Year – Here is How We Do It!

Be a Hypnopreneur™ & Grow Your Business

Cal & Erika’s Very Different Approaches to Evaluating Progress & Setting Goals

Ready, Fire, AIM! Helps to Keep Cal Ahead of the Pack!

Yes! Erika and I are back with this episode of our hypnosis training video series on and we reveal our own “hypnopreneurial” approaches to managing and growing our hypnosis practices in the coming year!

In this video we focus on being an entrepreneur, or as I like to call it the Hypnopreneur™ that builds a hypnosis practice. This is an ongoing process that is different depending on the nature of your hypnosis office and where you want to be in the future, specifically for this episode, the coming year.

With that in mind Erika and I discuss our two approaches. There are some curious differences and some overlap.

Erika stresses a year-end review to evaluate success so far and to determine what she wants to do in the future. She says that this reminds her of some of the amazing things she’s done and has accomplished in her hypnotherapy practice.

She goes on to reveal how it motivates her to set bigger and better goals for the coming year. I add more insights and let you in on how my approach is different. However I stress that it is perfectly fitting that we would have these two different approaches. Your approach may need to be more like Erika’s than mine.

Erika briefly takes you through how she set up her plan for success for the next year, such as getting more clients, scheduling classes, and so on.

She also reveals insights that she has learned from this approach that has made a profound effect on how she runs and continues to grow her hypnosis practice.

Erika and I are at two very different stages of development in our hypnopreneurial process with our businesses. We discuss that and cover the following points and more.

  • How to benefit by assessing your progress in the past year.
  • How to use that for motivation and direction for next year.
  • How Cal manages his projects all during the year.
  • How flexible do you have to be with your future plans.
  • Learn about Cal’s “Ready, Fire, AIM” approach that keeps him moving forward faster than most.

As you watch or listen to the free hypnosis training video I hope you will be inspired to move forward more effectively in the future. “Shift” into a being a Hypnopreneur™ because it takes more than hypnotherapy skills to be able to help others. You need to be an effective business owner as well.

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5 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video #412: Be a Hypnopreneur™ & Get Ready for the Coming Year – Here is How We Do It!

  1. Anthony M. Davis December 10, 2014 at 3:59 AM

    Cal & Erika,

    Another great Podcast. Erika, I particularly like your idea of a mission statement. It’s one that I hadn’t thought of, but probably should have coming from an environment where they existed. One thing that I did do that you might find useful is that I adopted “Core Values” for my practice. Being a retired Coast Guard officer I have kept the USCG core values of, “Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty” and apply them to my practice. Honor the profession, Respect my clients and partners in the profession, and remain devoted to making a positive difference to my clients and fellow Hypnotists like yourself.

    Cal, your comments regarding “Ready…Fire…Aim” makes sense. In an actual gunnery exercise, we would fire…watch the round hit…and then spot (or adjust) to be on target. That approach that you mentioned makes sense to put us at the target in our business that we are aiming for.

    Again, lots of good info in this video. Thank you both for th great work you are doing.

    Tony Davis
    Healing Hypnosis
    Charlottesville, VA

  2. Brenda Titus December 10, 2014 at 8:15 AM

    Thank you Cal and Erika for this excellent episode. It was exactly what I needed right now as I prepare to do my own year in review and look ahead to setting goals for the coming year. I really appreciated what you both said about “fluidity/flexibility” because this year really did throw many challenges my way, which required me to regularly re-evaluate my goals. Now that I think about it, I did have quite a year in spite of those challenges. In the long run I know those challenges will help me, so I think recognizing the lessons in them will be part of my goal setting/year in review. Thank you again!!

  3. Erika Flint, BCH, CPHI December 10, 2014 at 11:05 AM

    Thank you Brenda! I think that is one of my favorite aspects about this episode as well, and even though I do this every year I always forget things – so it’s such a great reminder to set goals, make plans, then be flexible and change them as necessary. I also love Cal’s Ready, Fire, Aim approach! I am doing more and more of that now. I’m also so happy to hear that despite challenges you still had a great year – that’s another reason why it’s so important to look at how we progress through the year, including how we managed the challenges along the way. Thank you for your input.

  4. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH December 10, 2014 at 2:50 PM

    Hi Tony – Thanks for the comment. We LOVE comments! They help to let us know what people are actually watching and listening.

    I’m glad you caught that “Ready, Fire, Aim” comment. I think that too many people get stuck and do nothing because they are afraid that they will slightly miss their target. I say, “shoot” and get started, then you can adjust based on what you learn.

    Also, I want to invite you and everyone to go to Erika just took on the Marketing Group and I think that it is really going to be helpful for everyone involved in the group.

    Let’s do GREAT things together,

  5. Erika Flint, BCH, CPHI December 11, 2014 at 7:49 AM

    Thank you Tony, and yes I completely agree with you on the recommendation to adopt core values I’m so glad you brought that up. For my business I use the following three, and they help drive everything that I do : “Professional, Local, Compassionate”. My business is local, that’s important to me and my clients in Bellingham where I live. My marketing always includes local landscaping – like Mt. Baker and Bellingham bay. Plus I’m local, I grew up in this area. The business and office is professional, and of course my favorite compassionate. I know local isn’t really a value per se, but it’s an important aspect of what I do. I also like that you use “core” values – because of course there are other values that are important as well. Thank you for bringing this up!

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