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Hypnosis Training Video #406: Your Best Clients Come From Client Referrals – Here Is How to Get Them Constantly

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Cal in Your Best Clients Come From Client Referrals Here Is How to Get Them ConstantlyBrenda in Your Best Clients Come From Client Referrals Here Is How to Get Them Constantly

How to Get the Word Out – By Telling Your Story

Your Clients Can Tell Their Story As Well to Get the Word Out

Using Testimonials Online Places to Get Clients, i.e. Yelp, Etc.

Having lots of clients translates into having a thriving hypnosis practice. In this video, Brenda and I let you in on some secrets to getting more clients through free word of mouth promotion.

We talk about how we can comfortably talk about what we do and get clients. AND more importantly, we let you in on how to encourage your clients to want to tell their friends and family members about the great work you are doing. That, of course leads to more clients for you and a thriving secure hypnosis practice.

Brenda gives a heartfelt recommendation of our new Business Start Up Pack 2.1, which she says helped her so much in getting her busy hypnosis practice going.

Here are some of what we cover that will make you more successful:

  1. How to get clients to happily give you raving testimonials for your office, Facebook page and other places as well.
  2. Why and how to get lots of clients from Yelp!
  3. How to provide ethical incentives for clients to refer others to you.
  4. How to avoid some pitfalls of getting client referrals (yes, there are some).

Brenda makes it very clear that it all starts with doing GREAT work as a Hypnosis professional. Of course, get the same great training that Brenda got that enabled her to be the great hypnosis pro that she is. Join one of our upcoming courses.

Please let your friends know about these free hypnosis training videos. AND, I hope to see you in class soon!

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5 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video #406: Your Best Clients Come From Client Referrals – Here Is How to Get Them Constantly

  1. Brenda Titus October 28, 2014 at 8:58 AM

    I’m so thrilled with how this episode came together! I know that our viewers will get some great information from it. If any of you viewers have additional ideas, please share them in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you!!

  2. Karen Hand October 28, 2014 at 8:59 AM

    Excellent topic, Brenda! And great job!! I love the idea of Testimonial Thursday on FB! I will start using that right away!! And thanks for sharing Erika’s plan for success postings in her lobby. When I had a lobby…we had a board of “Success Stars” with the “Headline” testimonials written on colorful stars.
    I’ll also now put more emphasis on Yelp reviews…..thanks for the tips! Thanks,Cal, for reminding us of Google Plus as well!
    Thanks to you both for great work!!

  3. Erika Flint October 28, 2014 at 12:52 PM

    Thank you Brenda and Cal, this was such a great episode on how important getting client referrals are. Brenda I completely agree with you on clients that come from referrals – they’re usually already sold on the benefits of hypnosis. But thank you for highlighting the dangers too, and how to ensure clients don’t expect the exact same results as other people.

    The success board in my office is still working really well, and thank you for mentioning it. I have clients that get excited each week to tell me the success they want to put up there! I always mention that it’s important to focus on what is working because what we focus on grows. That helps them be more successful – so there’s an added benefit to the success board for the client.

    I also love the bookmark idea! Thank you for sharing that. That is now on my list of things to implement.

    This was a super informative and helpful episode, thanks Cal and Brenda.

  4. Brenda Titus October 28, 2014 at 9:07 PM

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it Karen and Erika! I really enjoyed putting this one together!

  5. Susan Mundy June 29, 2015 at 9:21 PM

    Another excellent episode, thank you Brenda & Cal.

    I love your ‘testimonial Thursday’ on Facebook Brenda, as you know. I think Erika’s idea of success board is great too. She truly is a marketing guru!

    Always good to get this advice too, because while I get ‘word of mouth’ referral clients which is exciting & wonderful…it’s important to get things in writing for perpetuity.

    I will certainly keep your awareness advice top of mind too Brenda. Excellent advice as usual.

    I must check out Yelp reviews. I know you guys mentioned it in a prior episode, but I was still working on my website at that time. So, I will definitely go leave a review for you too Cal.

    Thanks again for everything you do. I’m so grateful.


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