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Hypnosis Training Video #396: The Medical & Hypnotherapeutic Value of Forgiveness

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Cal Banyan in The Medical & Hypnotherapeutic Value of ForgivenessScot Giles in The Medical & Hypnotherapeutic Value of Forgiveness

What Is Forgiveness Really and Why Does It Matter?

When You Enable Someone to Forgive, You Change Body Chemistry

Emotional States Affect the Effectiveness of Medical Treatment

Because of this Forgiveness Can Be a Very Important Survival Skill

I’m back once again with this fourth hypnosis training video episode with my very special guest, Dr. Rev. C. Scot Giles, whom, as I mentioned before, I believe him to be one of the smartest and most dedicated individuals in our profession of consulting hypnotism. Today we are going to talk about how using hypnosis to enable clients to forgive is one of the most powerful things you can to do help them emotionally and physically, ultimately affecting their health in a very significant way.

Scot gives you a great deal of insight on how emotional states have a profound effect on how your body operates from a chemical point of view.  He lets you in on how your own internal “narrative” affects your body chemistry and how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can affect that narrative.

During this free hypnosis training video, Scot gives you some great advice on how to forgive and ultimately what forgiveness means, and why it matters.  It may not be what you think!

Scot goes on to say that he does not believe that psychological states can bring on cancer but he goes on to share medical findings how once an individual has cancer, how his or emotional or psychological state can affect the outcome of treatments that the patient receives. This emotional state can definitely be improved using hypnosis.

Scot makes a great case that forgiveness is more than only a spiritual skill, it is also a survival skill.  I add to this by sharing the concept of the Diathesis-Stress Hypothesis.  We go on to provide some insights on the very important and psychologically proven topic of “self-talk”.  That’s right, what we tell ourselves in the privacy of our own mind has tremendous power to determine the quality of the life you live and the health you experience.

The Secret Language of Feelings BookScot recommends as a resource for both information on how to forgive, and scientific research on the topic. He also recommends following the work of Dr. Earnest Rossi, a student of Milton Erickson.  You will learn more about state-bound memory which shows that returning someone to the emotional state that the idea/belief was  created is essential to changing that erroneous belief.

Scot also highly recommends my book, The Secret Language of Feelings.  It is a helpful read for both helping professionals and clients.

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Bio on Dr. Rev. Scot Giles   In case you didn’t catch my previous episode, let me tell you that Scot is a Board Certified Chaplain and a Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. His hospital-affiliated practice focuses on medical hypnotism and he is especially well-known around the country for his work with cancer patients. Scot is a member of the Advisory Board of the National Guild of Hypnotists where he carries the Legislation and Governmental Concerns Portfolio. Scot has received most of the awards offered by the Guild, including the Rexford L. North Award for Lifetime Achievement and the Ormond McGill Chair Award. In 2006, the NGH elevated him to the status of a Board Certified Diplomat. He is among the first inductees into the Order of Braid, an international Honor Society for Hypnotism.

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One Reader Comment to Hypnosis Training Video #396: The Medical & Hypnotherapeutic Value of Forgiveness

  1. Susan Mundy July 21, 2015 at 6:16 AM

    Another informative & interesting episode with Dr Rev Scott Giles. Thank you Scott & thank you Cal for bringing him to us.

    What a fascinating discussion on the power of forgiveness.

    Thanks for all you do.


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