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Hypnosis Training Video #322: NGH Annual Convention 2013 and Staying Awake During Self-Hypnosis Sessions

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Cal Banyan in NGH Annual Convention 2013 and Staying Awake During Self-Hypnosis SessionsMeredith Locher in NGH Annual Convention 2013 and Staying Awake During Self-Hypnosis Sessions

NGH Annual Convention 2013 and Staying Awake During Self-Hypnosis Sessions

Happy Hypno-Tuesday! Meredith Locher joins us once again on this episode of Hypnosis Etc. on

In this episode, Meredith discusses the NGH Annual Convention 2013 and the sessions that are scheduled to occur.

Meredith informs us of a a talk that she will be co-hosting with Celeste Hackett with the theme of forgiveness at the Annual Convention happening August 9-11, 2013 in Marlboro, Massachusetts.

Cal then lists the many discussions he will be hosting at the event that cover a wide range of topics from the informing soul technique to using the internet to better your business.

Meredith and Cal talk about all the fun shows that different hypnotists put on, a gala that’s thrown during the convention, and a special gathering for 5-PATHers only.

To end this episode, Meredith brings up a question that was asked in the Ask Cal group on One of the OHS members wants to know how to prevent himself from being “awoken” during self-hypnosis. He is working his way through the 7th Path Self Hypnosis® CD and finds himself being “awoken” by noises. Cal and Meredith give their expert advice on the best way to condition your body and mind for self-hypnosis.

Today’s Discussion Points:

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