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Hypnosis Training Podcast Video #133: Hypnosis, Suggestibility, Meditation, Imagery, Blinking Glasses and Sexy Videos on the Web

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Hypnosis, Suggestibility, Meditation, Imagery, Blinking Glasses and Sexy Videos on the Web

It’s Friday and of course, that means we have another very special hypnosis training video for you to watch on “Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc.” located here on This is another “solo” video because, as I mentioned in the last episode, Meredith just got back from her vacation in Hawaii and had lots of hypnosis and hypnotherapy work to do. She will be back for the next episode.

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The subject of this episode: Technically, what is hypnosis and suggestibility, really?

  • What is hypnosis? In this video I provide you with a 3 part definition.

  • What is suggestibility? We need to understand what suggestibility is in order to really understand what hypnosis is.

  • What does hypnosis feel like? I talk about a huge mistake new hypnotists make when evaluating their client’s depth of hypnosis.

  • How can we know if someone is in hypnosis? Hint, don’t ask the client, “Did you feel hypnotized!”

  • What is the difference between guided imagery, meditation and hypnosis, or self-hypnosis? There is a very big difference regardless of what you may have been told. Hint, it’s all about suggestibility.

  • Do those “blinking hypnosis glasses” work? The answer is if they create a state of heightened state of suggestibility which has been verified by testing each client, then the answer is “yes”. If depth testing is not done, then you can’t really claim that they work.

  • What do you think of hypnotists and hypnotherapists who post “sexy videos” on the Internet, where they supposedly cause subjects to have an orgasm, or when they make people feel and act drunk using hypnosis? You’ll have to watch the video to hear my answer to this one because my response is a bit complicated.

Request for comments (One Comment Maker Will Win a Prize!):

  • What do you think about my definitions of hypnosis and suggestibility? How can they be improved on, or are they pretty good as well?

  • Prize – You choose the hat, or one of my books, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy or The Secret Language of Feelings.

  • Announce the winner here on in one week or so.

  • That is it for this show. Keep sending in your questions and suggestions for future topics!

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That is it for this week. Thank you all for viewing this video. Please pass it along to your friends and colleagues!

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