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Monthly Archives: April 2009

NEWS FLASH! UltraDepth® Training Coming Soon – Very, VERY Cool Stuff!

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UltraDepth® is the process used to reach the Sichort State®, an altered state of consciousness that, practitioners tell us is a place of accelerated healing, spontaneous anesthesia, and the perfect state of mind for age regression and past life regression … Continue reading

Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #114: Ten Keys for Successful Age Regression Work – Part 7

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Ten Keys for Successful Age Regression Work – Part 7 It’s another week, and that means another hypnosis training video just for you! We continue this hypnosis podcast series with the final "Key" (really final) episode in our six part … Continue reading Grows to 150 New Members!

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First we want to send out our thanks to all of our hypnosis community members! Thank you for getting the word out about our growing hypnosis community. In our first quarter of operation with the new system we have just … Continue reading