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Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #114: Ten Keys for Successful Age Regression Work – Part 7

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Ten Keys for Successful Age Regression Work – Part 7

It’s another week, and that means another hypnosis training video just for you! We continue this hypnosis podcast series with the final "Key" (really final) episode in our six part series covering, Ten Keys for Successful Age Regression Work. In the previous episodes, we went through all of the "Ten Keys". Here is a link to Part One (so you can start from the beginning). But as a bonus, in this podcast I am going to go through another "Key" as promised, #11!

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Next, Meredith does a very quick review of all 10 Keys.

1. Successful Hypnotic Age Regression Key #1: Proper client preparation, induction, deepening and testing.

2. Successful Hypnotic Age Regression Key #2: Using the correct type of AR.

3. Successful Hypnotic Age Regression Key #3: Creating a Powerful Bridge.

4. Successful Hypnotic Age Regression Key #4: First Regress to an SSE not ISE.

5. Successful Hypnotic Age Regression Key #5: The Fantastic 5 questions.

6. Successful Hypnotic Age Regression Key #6: Know how to confirm you have the ISE.

7. Successful Hypnotic Age Regression Key #7: Get good at doing the Informed Child Technique (ICT).

8. Successful Hypnotic Age Regression Key #8: Take the client through the ISE as it really happened (changing only the perceptions, emotions and beliefs).

9. Successful Hypnotic Age Regression Key #9: Take your client through the SSEs to reinforce the change, and much more.

10. Successful Hypnotic Age Regression Key #10: Do age progression (previvification) to reinforce the change and provide an expectation of success.

In this hypnosis training video podcast, we cover one more of the Ten Keys for Successful Age Regression Work, the bonus "Key" #11.

11. Successful Hypnotic Age Regression BONUS Key #11: Always end with a "segue", transitioning from the insights gained, into the direct suggestion part of the session.

Here is the Understanding Age Regression Chart we refer to in this episode.

Understanding Age Regression

Key for Abbreviations on the Understanding of Age Regression Graphic:

  • ISE: Initial Sensitizing Event

  • SSE: Subsequent Sensitizing Event

  • BISE: Before Initial Sensitizing Event

  • ICT: Informed Child Technique

  • GU: Grown Up

  • FS: Future Self

Links to Hypnosis Resources:

That is it for this episode! Next week, we will be back with more hypnosis podcasts! In the coming episode, we will focus on answering the questions that you are sending us for the show.

Leave us a comment here below or go to the Ask Cal group on to let us know what you think about what we are doing, or to ask a question that we can use on the show. Have a great week!

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