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Hypnosis Podcast #79: 10 Keys to Starting Your Successful Hypnosis Practice on a Budget – Part 3

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10 Keys to Starting Your Successful Hypnosis Practice on a Budget – Part 3

Thanks again for your kind comments about 10 Keys series. We are hearing from our viewers of the Hypnosis Etc. program from Mexico, Russia, China, Singapore, the UK, Europe and of course, all around the USA & Canada. Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists everywhere love learning more about hypnotherapy and hypnosis via our hypnosis training videos, especially because they are free. 🙂

Now Celeste continues to take the lead and shares with you, how she started her hypnosis practice on a budget! “These “Keys” are exactly what you need to get things started in your hypnosis office as inexpensively as possible.”

Let’s get started with the first few on the list… 10 Keys to Starting Your Successful Hypnosis Practice on a Budget:

  1. (Covered last week.) Why you should set a budget and how you can determine how much you can spend, and other factors.

  2. (Covered last week.) Make a list of the things that you need to spend money on, and then shop around for prices (you can save a lot)!

  3. Do not scrimp on hypnosis training! Get great training and your confidence will grow immensely! Celeste tells us how to find out who has the kind of training you need to be successful with your clients. We recommend generalized training that has a system you can use for a large number of issues.

    Make sure your hypnosis training has the following:

    • Really covers the basic & advanced techniques and has excellent manuals.

    • Modern inductions, including instant & rapid induction.

    • Training in overt and covert depth testing methods.

    • Training on proper use of convincers.

    • Training on how to write your own suggestions.

    • Training on how to do age regression and age progression hypnosis.

    • Training that includes plenty of practice time during the course.

    • Plenty of ongoing support, such as online groups, other practitioners, etc.

    • NGH approval so you get NGH Certification.

    • Additional training materials that will extend your training after you graduate, and should be consistent with the program you have taken.

  4. Save money by getting really good hypnosis office training. This includes how to market your practice, book telephone calls, set up your office for maximum referrals and more. Celeste recommends the Banyan Business Start-Up Pack as a resource (includes the disk where Maureen Banyan teaches you how to turn calls into hypnosis session bookings). ORDER THIS WEEK AND SAVE A FEW BUCKS

Links to resources mentioned on this hypnosis training program:

  1. Go to to learn about how to add income by joining our Banyan Hypnosis Center Affiliate Program.

  2. Learn about my weight release program by emailing me at Get slim & healthy; make more money and make your clients happier. I just spoke with Celeste and she told me that she has lost 10 pounds with it and she wasn’t even doing it exactly right, and her husband Christopher, has lost a lot more! Email me and I’ll send you a link to a video that explains everything.

  3. Get my hypnosis training schedule by going to Find out about our NGH Approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Super-Course (next one is on July 7, 2008), and the Week of Power Advanced Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Course schedules (next one is in November, 2008). Also check out for a complete listing of all of the Banyan hypnosis training products and classes.

  4. Contact the NGH right now to make sure you can get a seat in my workshops. Here is a link to the information, The courses I am teaching are “How to Go Full Time in Hypnosis” and “Advanced Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Go Beyond the Script for Maximum Results.”

  5. NEW HYPNOSIS DIRECTORY – “Secret Project” announcement! You can now get free listings on our very popular website, www.Hypnosis.ORG, or get our introductory rate on our premium listings! Check out Celeste’s listing at Dallas Hypnosis! Here are the current Hypnosis Directory listings for Hypnosis in California.

  6. Visit Celeste’s website at and see an example of a really well done website.

Check back next week because Celeste is going to go through at least one or two more new keys to starting your hypnosis practice on a budget!

Pass this good information on! Tell your friends about this video training program, and leave a comment for Celeste to let her know how well she is doing and how much you appreciate the information that she is sharing.

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