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Hypnosis Podcast #72: Hypnosis Video Training – Setting Up a Hypnosis Office & Training Center – The Tour, Part 2

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Hypnosis Video Training – Setting Up a Hypnosis Office & Training Center – The Tour, Part 2

The fun continues in Part 2 of this hypnosis training video, Setting Up a Hypnosis Office & Training Center .

In this new series of 3 episodes, I talk about some hypnosis secrets, or as I like to say, “ Insider tips, tricks and techniques ”, you want to keep in mind when you set up your hypnosis or hypnotherapy office.

Many hypnotists are surprised to learn that there are some very important things that you can do to make your hypnosis clients more suggestible, even before you conduct a hypnotic induction.

I start this episode of Hypnosis, Etc ., hypnotherapy training series in our reception area, where we left off last episode, and then proceed into my hypnosis and hypnotherapy office.

Here are some of the secrets to setting up a hypnosis office, that I discuss in this hypnosis training video:

  1. Place your desk facing the door with your hypnosis client’s back toward the office door.

  2. Place your hypnosis certificates (and related degrees, if you have them) behind where you sit at your desk.

  3. Learn a simple technique that you can use to set up a “halo of authority” and make your clients more suggestible and more hypnotizable.

  4. How to (ethically) place hypnosis and related books in your office to add authority to what you are saying, and avoid problems with some “conservative” clients.

  5. How to select the best recliner for conducting hypnosis sessions that will last and fit just about any size client.

  6. How to select the right hypno-pillow for your clients, which is important if you do emotional release work.

  7. I discuss video recording of your hypnosis sessions, and how to do so with two video cameras. I also discuss some reasons why you should start doing this now.

  8. I share a brief overview of how to prepare your hypnosis clients for the hypnotherapy part of the session.

I hope you enjoyed the program and tour. Coming up in the next episode you will learn how we have the rest of the office and classroom set up for maximum success and income potential.

Links from this Hypnosis, Etc. Episode:

Remember to send in your questions so that we can answer them on the show! We also appreciate any comments you leave us about our program. There is more coming next week so keep on checking back.

2 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Podcast #72: Hypnosis Video Training – Setting Up a Hypnosis Office & Training Center – The Tour, Part 2

  1. Celeste Hackett April 29, 2008 at 5:55 AM

    Finally we all get to SEE Cal’s new center in Tustin California! I was soooo excited to see what the new Banyan Hypnosis Center looked like that I could’nt shut up in this episode. It just killed me not to be able to see it but only to hear about it. Now…finally…just like you I can see where the man does the magic of an amazinig HUGE hypnosis practice…an amazing 4400 square feet!

    Exciting episode and the tour isn’t over yet. Tune in next time for more.

    Celeste Hackett

  2. Cal May 8, 2008 at 9:51 AM

    Hi Everyone,

    Since I posted this episode I have had a couple of emails asking about what kind of equipment we use to record our sessions. We bought our video cameras about 3 years ago in Singapore. So I am not sure what to suggest now. To help out, I did a little snooping around the Internet. (Really any kind of small video camera, like ones used for security, that will have an output that will go into your VCR or DVR should work fine.)

    Here are some cameras that look similar to the ones we are using. I just Googled, “small security camera” and found this link.

    Just make sure the one you buy has a good microphone in it.

    I hope that helps.

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