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Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #32: Free Hypnosis Information on Banyan Groups on Yahoo

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Free Hypnosis Information on Banyan Groups on Yahoo

I wanted to get a quick hypnosis podcast out to all of you about our many email groups on Yahoo! These groups are wonderful places to “meet” other hypnotists and learn a whole lot about what is going on in our profession.

In this podcast I go through each of my favorite groups and give you some examples of typical topics of discussion. I also give you a typical question that might be asked on the group, and then I take a minute to answer it for you.

Here are the groups that I discuss and a link to each on:

California Hypnosis Group:

  • Get to know other hypnotists in California.

  • Learn about hypnosis in California.

  • Learn more about legal issues regarding doing hypnosis in California.

  • Learn about training programs going on in California.

Typical question and my answer: Are hypnotists in California mandated reporters for suspected child abuse in California? Well this led to a long discussion that resulted in me looking up the law on the subject. We are not mandated reporters of child abuse according to our understanding of the law. As a result of this discussion we decided to create an NGH Chapter for Orange County, and one of our main duties of our chapter is to set up a legal fund so that we can learn more about these legal issues regarding hypnosis in our state.

Hypnosis with Spirit Group:

  • Hypnosis for past life regression.

  • Hypnosis for improving metaphysical or spiritual abilities.

  • 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

  • Hypnosis systems that are mind-body-spirit.

  • Hypnosis for spiritual issues.

Typical question and my answer: Has anyone worked with a “walk-in”? Is this some sort of entity?

Marketing Hypnosis Group:

  • How to market your hypnosis practice.

  • How to do PR.

  • How to make appointments on the telephone.

  • How to do press releases and much more.

Typical question and my answer: I just found out that I’m going to be on the radio, does anyone have any hints on how to handle this one?

Speedy Hypnotic Inductions:

  • How to do instantaneous hypnotic inductions.

  • How to do rapid inductions.

  • How to do post hypnotic inductions.

  • How to create your own instant and rapid inductions.

Typical question and my answer: I used an instant induction on my client and she went right into hypnosis and then right out again! Did I do something wrong?

Talk about Hypnosis:

  • Anything related to hypnosis.

  • Discuss schools and organizations.

  • Discuss different approaches to hypnotism.

  • Ask questions about hypnosis.

Typical question and my answer: What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Please visit our other hypnosis related websites:

See you in class. Please leave a comment using the link below.

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