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Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #28: Hypnotists Can Integrate the Law of Attraction for Success: Part 1

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Hypnotists Can Integrate the Law of Attraction for Success: Part 1

Welcome to the hypnosis training blog. This is a beginning of a series for hypnotists on the Law of Attraction, as promoted by The Secret movie, and how it can help both hypnotists in their practice and how hypnotists can use it to help their client to be more successful.

Here is an outline of the talk and the links to resources mentioned in the Podcast.

  1. Introduce The Secret movie and the Law of Attraction.
  2. Announcements:
    • Start planning for the NGH Convention, the 2nd week of August.
    • Week of Power in the UK – Sign up now! Go to
    • 1st ever March Madness Sale 20% off on the items listed below:
    • Maureen and I are now on the Board of Directors of National Health Freedom’s two major organizations! One of the three organizations EVERY hypnotist should belong to.
      • Maureen is on the National Health Freedom Coalition Board (Education)
      • I am on the National Health Freedom Action Board (legislation in the USA and around the world!)
    • Thanks for your emails about how much you are enjoying the 7 Free Law of Attraction (Science of Getting Rich/SGR) lesson provided by the some of the most popular teachers from the movie, The Secret (Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield. If you have not yet started to receive these lessons go to There is also a wonderful prosperity program there for those of you who would like to have a way to utilize the SGR lessons. See link below.
  3. Use the LOA to be happier and build a better practice.
    • Get your free LOA/SGR lessons at and start using them!
    • Understand and use the formula! Thoughts + Emotions + Action = What You Get
    • Thoughts
      • Be your own thought police!
      • Use affirmations (with emotion)
      • Use self-hypnosis to suggest positive thoughts
    • Emotions
      • Get rid of those old bad vibrations!
      • Use 7th Path Self-Hypnosis(R) or get some sessions!
      • Practice getting in a positive state and use post hypnotic suggestion or NLP/anchor
      • Stop distracting yourself from painful emotions – they stay inside you and attract the negative
    • Action
      • Do something everyday – move and create momentum!
      • Fantasize about what you want
      • Decide that you are going to get it
      • Decide on a plan
      • Do something today!
      • Follow through
        • Self-hypnosis, affirmations, visualization, fantasy!
        • Set reminders in your Outlook or appointment book
      • Accountability!
  4. That wraps it up, remember to go to www.BanyanHypnosisMall to get all the good stuff hypnotists want and keep checking back to for more hypnosis news, opinions and podcasts.

Thanks for coming and watching my video Podcast on the Law of Attraction for hypnotists and their clients. Check back for part 2!

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