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Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #25: How and Why You Should Video Record Your Sessions

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How and Why You Should Video Record Your Sessions

I’ve received a number of emails and phone calls asking me about how and why we video record our hypnosis sessions. So I thought I’d make a video blog and share with you why we think it is important, as well as what kind of equipment we use and recommend.

It is simple to set up a good recording system in your office, and it is a low cost project as well. And, since there are so many benefits to recording your sessions, it is well worth the minimal cost, in my opinion.

Here is a list of the main points from this podcast:

  • Professional training in psychology often includes video recordings (hypnosis training should as well).
  • Always get informed consent from clients to record the sessions.
  • When you record your sessions you can improve your skills an abilities by reviewing your sessions.
  • When you record sessions you can receive or provide supervision to improve your skills during your hypnosis training.
  • To get the National Guild of Hypnotists, Journal of Hypnotism contact the NGH,
  • The recording can be a kind of insurance where you can prove what happened during the session.
  • Don’t use your families video camera it is too intrusive.
  • Don’t hide the camera(s), but don’t make a big deal about doing the recording either.
  • Use a VCR or DVD recorder to record the signal from the camera(s).
  • You can use two cameras to catch all of the interaction between the client and hypnotist.
  • Recording sessions are rarely a concern for the client.
  • How to handle clients who are concerned about being video recorded.
  • Examples of cameras that you can use.
  • Why you should not use wireless computer type cameras.
  • Extra equipment you need if you use more than one camera.
  • Use a mixer if you want to improve the sound quality.
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I hope that you found this program to be interesting, useful and informative. Please keep those emails and comments coming in. Use the button below to share this podcast with your friends and colleagues, or to leave a comment.

Correction: In the video I say that we have a State Licensed School. I should have said, “We have a State Registered School.” In Minnesota we had a State Licensed School, and that is why I misspoke. Here in California our school is in the category of being a State Registered School.

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